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Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Iida, Yokoo, Hiro,Tamamori,Miyata and Nikaido plan a date for Fujigaya and Senga.

Part 5

We have arrived Iida-kun all the five boys say with their sing-song-voice.

“Welcome minna!”

I have missed you guys so much, Iida say with a big smile.

We have missed you to little Iida-kun Yokoo say with a light blush in his face.

Miyata chuckle when he saw Yokoo and Iida change small smiles and shy looks with each other.

This meeting will be very fun and he understands the other think that to.

“Well would we go into the house or will we have the meeting outside Iida-kun?”

Iida looks on Hiro with a growing smile in his face when he sees the big smile Hiro has in the face.

“We will have the meeting inside I hope.”

Let’s go then Tamamori say and open the door.

They went into the house and placed them into their friend room who lie beside the kitchen.

It has not changes since they were there later.

 The desk stood in the same left corner closer the window with the black lamp.

“What was that you two wanted to talk about?”

Tamamori, Hiro, Nikaido and Miyata look on Yokoo and Iida with confused and curious eyes.

We wanted to talk about the situation between Senga and Fujigaya, Yokoo answer with a weak smile.

“And we know that you have feeling for Senga to Nikaido.”

Nikaido lower his head when heard what his friend say to him.

He looks up on his friend and asks; “How long have you known that and which knew it?”

We all have known it since the performance of Fire beat when both Hiro and Fujigaya of an accident were sick at the same day.

The atmosphere the crown and we feel was something more than only friendship the rest say with a small grin in their face.

That was true, they had given each other only a quick glare and then they decided to improvise without a plan how they would do.

Things only came without hesitate and that they had done was wonderful.

Senga had bent down and almost placed a kiss on his private part of the body and went future up again and sung in his ear with his eyes filled with lust.

But even if it had been wonderful, it was something wrong.

He had only waved him off when they had finished and gone away directly.

However, when he had been with the door, right beside Fujigaya had he whisper something in Fujigaya’s ear that had done the other blush.

 He, Nikaido had been the only one who had seen it and Fujigaya had beg him to not tell the others about what he had seen a moment early.

What was that Senga had whisper in Fujigaya’s ear early?

Moreover, he had known from that day Senga had have feelings for Fujigaya and Fujigaya seems to feel the same.

“Why we wanted to gather all you guys here without Senga and Fujigaya is that we had planned a date for them.”

Nikaido only stare on his friends.

Why is he feeling jealous?

He knows that Senga like Fujigaya, but this had he not expect to came up.

“But we wanted to hear your thought first before we begin and put the plan in.”

 Five pair of eyes looks on Nikaido and he was the only who have not decide about this.

Nikaido was maybe the only one who would not let the two lovebirds be a couple and the other knew it.

“What is that you want?”

Nikaido sigh and decide what he wanted.

That only who means something just now was Senga’s happiness.

“Alright, you have my permission because Senga is my best friend and I would not let him be sad because of my own selfishness.”

That is great the other say with a relief sigh.

So what have you guys planned? Tamamori asks.

“We will get them to the same place at the same time.”


“Can you guys give us an example?”


“I do not know.” Say Nikaido.


We can trick them to the Osaka aquarium, Hiro say.

 That was a good idea the other answer, even if Nikaido does not was on the happiest mood just now.

“But how should we trick them?”

All the five other boys look on Yokoo and begin to think.

It was not easy to trick none one of them.

I know, we can go there by our self and then leave them their by them self, Iida say, almost screaming.

But we have not a free day until next month, the other say with sad experience in their face.

“Tomorrow, have not we a half free day at last?”




“Then, when and where would we meet tomorrow?”


“Outside the entry there with the aquarium is the best.”


“Because, then they would not suspect something then.”


“Alright, then it is decide it, but let’s us eat little candy now when my mom have did so much for this time~!”



“But, both Senga and Fujigaya have whole free day tomorrow!”

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