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[NEWS] Daily Single Oricon Ranking - Kisumai #2

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to write about this.
I just want to share this Oricon Daily Ranking for today, the release date of Sha la la☆Summer Time single. Although this is just the first day, but it's quite shocking that Kisumai ranks second.

[Click to open]Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.20.43 PM.png

Kisumai has the record of 16 consecutive single ranking #1 in Oricon Weekly Ranking since Everybody Go up to Gravity. And if they don't oversell Boys and Men by this week, they will lose that record.

Why am I writing this? I wish that us international fans can be of any help for Kisumai to maintain their #1 record.

How can we help? Support the artist by purchasing original copies, that can be counted towards Oricon sales.

If you have read the staff blog here in avex website, you'll learn that they are giving away special bonuses if you ordered through Kisumai shop. The special promotion that was run for pre-ordering in Tokyo Dome & Fukuoka Dome is extended to orders via Kisumai shop until 28th Aug. The bonuses are IC Card sticker, Photo card, or B5 size poster.

[Preview here.]Preview here.
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.20.43 PM.png

Another thing. Stated in the staff blog here, if you purchase all 3 versions, each version comes with a serial number that you can input in Shalala special site to view special footages about 3 unit songs recording movie and members' messages.

Aren't they too generous with their bonuses already???

Now, if you would like to purchase and contribute to Oricon ranking, make sure to send to a Japanese address. Orders shipped internationally are not counted.
Limited edition A | Limited edition B | Regular edition.

If you've heard about Tenso, they can help you send your purchase to Japanese address before sending it to you. Details here, check if your country is listed.

If your country is not listed in Tenso (like mine *sobssss*), I can help you with a Japanese address to send to. Just PM me in LJ or email me at windflows@hotmail.com.

Let's make it happen!!!

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