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Kiss Me


Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary:It's time for the date

Part 6




Who is it as calling so early at the morning?

“Moshi mosh.”


Hey, it is me, Tamamori~!

Was it Tama-chan?

Do you know what the time is?

Yeah, it is 7am in the morning I think~!

How can you be so hyper so early in the morning Tama-chan!?

Because we have planned to go to Osaka aquarium today all of us guys.


You, Fujigaya, Hiro, me, Miyata, Nikaido, Iida and Yokoo~!



Sen-chan, is you there?

Yeah, but I almost fall asleep again.

Mjou~ Come on Sen-chan~!

Tamamori Yuta! I have my first day off today and you call and wake me up 7am in the morning!

What do you think I will be like?

Happy and hyper friend I think~

Tama-chan, do not do this to me, please!

However, when will we go to the aquarium?

I will come and pick you up 14.30 pm if it is alright.

Yeah, it is okay.

Good, and sorry for waking you up, but we thought we should be on the right side on the way, you understand.

Yeah, it will be fun to go on a trip with you guys, really!

Then sleep smooth now Sen-chan and see ya 14.30pm today~!

Sure, I am will be ready when you come.

Jya ne little Sen-chan~

Bye Tama-chan


14.40 pm   

“Where is he?”

Senga look on the clock on his right wrist and sigh.

He had gone out 14.29pm and since that he had looked on his clock for about three times already.

“He said he will come 14.30pm, where is he?

“Sen-chan, sorry if I keep you waiting, but Takkey-kun wanted talked to us right when I was on my way to pick you up.”

Senga smile when he saw how guilty his friend looks like and nod his head to show he understand the situation.

“It is okay Tama-chan, nothing bad happen so it is alright.”

Let’s us go then, Tama-chan say with his sing-song voice and jump advance on the way forwards the car who waits for them.


With the aquarium

“I know that you guys have planned something!”

Fujigaya looks on his friend with a-know-you-have-planned-something gaze in his face.

How can you think that Taipi-kun Hiro say and poke his friend on his cheek.

Hiro had called Fujigaya directly when he woke up in the morning, 6am!

Of course had Fujigaya been crazy on his friend who had called him so early in the morning and it had taken a very long time for Hiro to persuade his friend come to the Osaka aquarium later.

And of course had Fujigaya come early than anyone else so again he had been really pissed off when his friend came 20 minutes to late.

“Where are they?”

Fujigaya looks around with entry after the two who not had showed up yet.

He remembers the moment when Senga had put away the hair in his face yesterday and his smile had gotten him to melt.

That was the most wonderful moment this week so along.

So the reason to let him get persuading this time was because wanted to meet Senga outside the Johnny’s finally.

The truth was that they never had meet each other outside the works and now when he heard the planes for today he got some kind of happy.

Of course does not admit that.

“Hi guys, sorry for make your wait for us.”

Six pair of eyes turns around to the left to see Tamamori-kun and Senga-kun running towards them with big smiles in their face.

“Why take it so long time?”

Johnny-san wanted to talk more to me after he talked with all of us, Tamamori say.

“Yo Sen-chan.”


“Hai Taipi-kun.”


The other turn around one more time and look on the two who just say “hello” to each other and they could not let it be than chuckle when they see how both of them blush.

It turns well, Nikaido whisper in Hiro’s ear with a smile.

Yeah, it does Hiro answer.




“Moshi mosh!”








“It was my mom, she wants to talk to me a moment and he want all of us guys but Senga and Fujigaya can go beforehand because she not want to talk to you guys.”

Senga looks on Hiro and sigh, he finally understand that his friends have planned something for him and Fujigaya.

“Then, let’s go Fujigaya.kun.”

He grapes his friend hand and pulled him away with a smile when he wave bye to his friend who chuckle and giggle when Fujigaya blush and show a confuse face.

“He saw through us, right Hiro?”

Yes, and he understand that it was Tamamori who call and not my mom, Hiro say.

“So, where should we go now?”


“We can go home to Nika-chan and he can offer us little sweets and soda.”

Why I would do that, Nikaido exclaimed.

Because you are the rich one here, the other says with a laugh.


“Senga-kun wait, take it easy.”

At last succeed Fujigaya to stop his friend from to drag him like mad.

We do not need to “run” like this, Fujigaya say.

“Sorry Fujigaya...”

If Senga was serious he wants to hold his friend hand forever.

The feeling of have someone close and know that the friend enjoy it to was so wonderful and nice.

Fujigaya chuckle when he sees his friend blush and smile his shy smile who made anyone to melt.

 In none time had they go through the whole aquarium.

Fujigaya does not know where the time disappear but to see his friend smile, to hear his innocent laugh and his pointless but adorable jokes made him feel like the, he does know what, but the feeling under the whole time in the aquarium was the best time in his life ever.

And the entire picture they took will he save in his whole life.

First have they looked at the bugs and spider before they had come to the real aquarium.

When they had arrived to the tunnel there they was surrounded of water and the entire sea animal did Senga something he not had expect him to do.

The lights disappear for any minutes and under the entire time had Senga grape his hand again and shy stand him closer.

Like a child who search security from their parents had he took his hand and gently pulled him closer until the shoulders touched each other.

Moreover, the words Senga said to him got him to melt.

“I want to stay like this forever!”

Luckily, because of the darkness had Senga not seen how hard he had blush.

When the lights turns back was the special moment go to this end.

Senga took a step away from him and with a hesitated moment had he go away from the grape about his hand and said;”Let’s go and eat something in the café Fujigaya.” 

Now they sit in the café and Senga was on his way to write a phone message to Nikaido, and what he understand from the face Senga show had Nikaido asks something weird.

“Ne Senga, what is he saying?”

He wonder if we had done something yet, Senga answer at the same time he blushes.

“And you answer?”




Fujigaya blinked a few times.


What was Senga trying to point at?


“Hey, what are you thinking about?”




“Are you naughty?”


“NO WAY~!”


Senga feel how he blushes, because he want to confess his feeling, but does not know how and when he will do that.

He has realizes his feeling for Fujigaya for about two month ago.

At that moment I voice shouted Fujigaya-kun and a girl run towards us with a big smile in her face.

“What are you doing here Fujigaya-kun?”

“I am here with a friend.”

The girl looks at the boy beside her precious Fujigaya-kun and thinks; is that a girl?

She pointed on Senga and say;”Fujigaya-kun is my boyfriend!”


Senga feel how his heart stops at the moment.

Have Fujigaya a girlfriend?

Why have he not say something before?

This cannot be true!

“I...I am...his...”


She is my girlfriend! Fujigaya put his arm around Senga’s shoulder and point on the friend of him and say; you will never have a chance against her!



A/N comments is always love and this turns out to be a long fics, so I hope you guys comment and say what you think about this<3



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