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here is the 3rd part


Author : Mokomira hanamichi

Rating : PG…(I don’t know )

Title : It was you

Summary : Whats wrong with you ??




( Inside KMF2 rooms.All 7 of them gather and resting together )


     “Ne …Nika-chan.Whats wrong with you? You look so not in the mood today,?”Hiro suddenly speak up while the others just lay in the bed and couch.Nika didn’t answer,he just lay and act as if nobody asking him anything.

      “Yup..Hiro was right.Are u having PMS or something.Like what happened before..

        you  did scold that know you should not treat our fan like that..our 

        manager are not going to like this if he know..,”Taipi interrupt.The other agree.

      “Nothing..i`m just…I don’t know how to say..just look at the girl..she look so

       Out of date..,”Nika giving excuse.

      “Naa…that’s a lame and stupid answer..what do you think by saying that huh?

        You cannot expect a supermodel is only our fan..Plus,she wasn’t that bad..look

        so innocent.Stop judging her..”Hiro said..eyes look satraight to Nika.Hiro always known as a very considerable person.

       “She look innocent..,”Tama interrupted.

       “And cute..,” Miyacchi continue..glancing cheerfully to Hiro.

       “Oi..are we gonna talking bout this girl..i just want to sleep now..please..may i..”

Nika trying to end up the conversation..

       “Hah..i know..Nika have crush on it..,?”Senchan suddenly speak up.

       “Look at Nika..he`s blushing..,”Taru teasing him.

       “Baka..i`m not..”Nika pissed off..

       “She`s what..”Miyacchi still didn’t want to stop.This time Nika really knock his head..real hard.

       “Ouchh..its hurt ,”Miyacchi mumbled,touching his head.

      “AND CUTE..”its time for Nika pay back time…Other just look at them and started to laugh.To see how Miyacchi trying to avoid when Nika want to knock his head for second time is so funny.




Early in the morning,all KMF2 member and the lucky winner gather near to the tennis court.Mr Oota come forward and say..

     “Ohayo we gonna start our day with a nice long jogging and maybe

      some hill climbing if we get a chance.Its a good start huh??

      “HAI…”other just agree.All of them we`re smiling and playing with each other,enjoy the the moring fresh air maybe.So do Hana and her new friend,Mariko.But then,Hana realize that somebody is staring at her.She look around and finally her eyes meet someones eyes.Its Nika…Hana stunted…Somehow,Nika quickly turn around and talk to Senchan and Taru.`whas is actually his problem,,..`


     “ it yours??its cute..,”Mariko asking and play with the small cute litle doraemon keychain that Hana put on her wallet.

     “Emm…you mean this one..,?”Hana asked.

     “Yup..that cute.”

     “Oh..thanks.It was along story..This one I get when I was 5 or 6 years old.

      My childhood friend gave it to me..,”Hana explain.

     “Childhood friend???You mean your first boyfriend huh..GOTCHA....tell me bout it.

      I want to know..,”Mariko said with a huge smile.

      “No..Its not what you think..,”Hana quickly deny.

      “ keep it so long and it was a long time ago.does that doesn’t mean that the

       thing was so special to you..,”Mariko still assuming.

      “Hey..come on here..we want to start..”other contestant calling both Hana and Mariko.Hana accidently look at Nika.Well,Nika look at her with sharp eyes.This time Hana stare back at him.Giving back what Nika `give’

        “,”Mariko calling her.Then the running start.

While running,Mariko`s leg seems having small injured.She cannot continue her running.Hana stop to help Mariko who is already sit and hold her leg.Hana wanted to help her but suddenly,theres are voice coming from behind.

       “Are you ok?your leg injured??,”Hana look to see who`s talking.kyaaaaaaa~~`

It was Taipi.

       “Fu..Fu..Fujigaya-kun..,”Hana eyes narrowed.Taipi smile to her and Mariko.

      “I think I broke up my leg..,”Mariko said with slow voice.Hiding her pain.

       “Oh..really..wait..i call somebody to pick you from here…,”Taipi quickly call someone through his cellphone.

      “Sorry,I think I already give you hard time..,”Mariko apologize.

      “Daijobu.Luckily I didn’t run too far..”Taipi said with a smile..`at least he is not like Nika.completely different person…Then theres a car come to pick Mariko.

     “How bout you..,?”Taipi ask when Hana just stand outside the car.

     “I want to continue running..,”

Then together she and Taipi run.But along the way,Hana just keep her mouth shut.She didn’t know wether she must say something or not.And it seems that she and Taipi are leaving far behind.Suddenly Taipi say something..

      “I hope paparazzi are not here coz if they do,we will completely into big trouble.,”

Hana quickly stop her feet from keep moving.She just stand there.Then Taipi realize he was running alone.he stop and look back.

      “Why??..your leg??is it hurt too?/”Taip slowly come to Hana but Hana step backward,avoiding Taipi from getting close to her.

      “I don’t want you to get into go first..,”Hana said slowly.Suddenly Taipi laugh so loud..

       “ are such adorable and funny girl..I`m just saying and didn’t really mean

        it..sorry..,”Taipi said with a lovely smile..This time Hana could see clearly how handsome he was.No wonder he got so many fangirl who really love him.Now she know..Taipi is totally hot..INDEED.

Inside her room..altogether with Mariko..

     “ owe me..have a chance to speak with Taisuke-kun and you didn’t thank

      me…,”Hana blink her eyes..

     “Tell me who`s your favourite in kisumai?me??always taisuke-kun..thats why now

      I`m jealous..,”Mariko teased her,..

     “Me??i don’t know..its..TAMAMORI YUTA …I guess..naa..I love all of

      Them..equal..yup..EQUAL..,”Hana didn’t want to say it was Nika.

She definitely don’t want to say that.After how terrible Nika treat her..All Hana really wanted now is…talk to Nika face to face and ask..WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ANYWAY…..


                                                                    To be continue………..






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