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Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Tamamori reveal his feelings 

 Part 7

At that moment a heart stop for a few second.

A heart who does not want to know about the girl answers.

How could Fujigaya-kun say he was his girlfriend?

Sees he out like a girl?

That cannot be true!

He...a girl?

No way!



Nikaido looks up and sees around the exit of the aquarium.

He just heard Senga screaming Fujigaya, but was?

“Tamamori-kun, do you hear Senga somewhere?”

“Yes I do, and it does not sound good to me.”

Six boys begin and run towards the cafe from they have hear their friend screaming.

Suddenly Nikaido feels how his legs stop to moving and he fall to the ground.


Hiro sees how his friend falls to the ground and quick turn back to his friend.

“Are you alright Nikaido?”

The rest of the boys have come back and look with worried eyes on their friend.

Nikaido only nod to answer.

He does not know why he had fallen just now and to not know the reason scared him a bit.

“Here, take my hand!”

Nikaido reach after the hand and strong arms pull him up again.

“You are bleeding.”

Tamamori bent down and check the scratch on the right knee.

“It is nothing to worry about, only a scratch.”

Yokoo put his hand of his friend forehead and look shocked on the other.

“You have high fever!”

Nikaido stare on the ground at the same time as the guilt grow inside of him.

He had realize the fever directly when he woke up today, but he does not wanted to miss the date if Fujigaya would do something strange again.

“I am sorry...”

His friends look on the boy who seem guilty and they understand why he had chose to come even when he had high fever.

Nikaido and Senga was best friends and Nikaido had been really worry for Senga and very suspicious against Fujigaya after the day.

But it seems like nothing will happen today Nika-chan Tamamori say and put a arm around his friend shoulder.

“You should go home and sleep a bit.”

I guess I should do that Nikaido think and sigh heavenly.

“Alright, I go home but do not say anything to Senga okay?!”

Sure we do not say anything the other say with a smile.

When Nikaido have left the other look on each other and sigh.

This could be no more complicated than this.

“You are the worst!”

They all turn around and see how Senga comes running towards them...CRYING!



This not happen.

How could Fujigaya do that in front of the whole place?

But it was the first time.

Why would it be like this?

“I hate you Fujigaya, and do not dare you to talk to me anymore!”

He begins and run away from his friend and only gives the other a weak smile.

But wait, where was Nikaido?

Senga stop and asks; “Where is Nikaido?”

 He got something to do, so he was forced to go early Hiro say with a smile.

At the same time Tamamori gives Senga his handkerchief and gives him a hug.

“However, what have happened between you two this time?”

Hiro pointed on Fujigaya with his eyebrow frowned.

He does not understand why Fujigaya was forced to do this.

Why could he not only be his usually self and let Senga enjoy this?

“You have not answers my question yet!”

 Fujigaya look at the ground and try to not show the guilt he feels right now.

He had do not mean to do it, but he could not deny to do it when Riku suffice that.

Damn, he hates himself for to do Senga crying again.

“ do not understand...I”

Of course I do not understand the other cut off.

If you not explain for us I will call you in the middle of the night and wake up the whole house of yours Hiro say.

Like a leader, he could not let this continue.

They most get an answer why his behaviour is like this.


Tamamori look fourth and back on his friend.

He must do something before something seriously happen.

“I take Senga home now and you guys please do not fight anymore.”

He takes his friend hand and drags him away from the other towards the exit and the car who wait for them.

“Ne Senga, what is your feeling?”


“Yeah, you’re feelings for Fujigaya, what are them?”

Tamamori feel how weird the question was, but one of the key was Senga’s feelings.

If he could understand his own feelings, maybe this could get an end of the whole weird thing.

If I do not like him, why I am let him do this all to me and why are I feeling both comfortable and afraid at the same time Senga asks and again tears begin to fall down the cheeks.

“Damn, I got him to cry again.”


“It is not your fault Tama-chan, this is because I am so freaking childish!”

Senga tries and put away the tears, but it does not seems to work well.

“Why are I am crying?”

Tamamori look with confuse eyes on his friend when he asks the question.


I think you are crying because you do not can decide if you like this person or not, Tamamori say and stand himself on the way.

Senga stop and looks up with teary eyes on his friend and the heart stop when he sees how sad Tamamori have gotten and it is because of him!

“Tama...I am sorry for worrying you like this,”

Senga bows deep and close his eyes.

Then he feel a gently pat on his head and a gently touch from five fingers do him to looks up again.


Tamamori only look on his friend who apologize and bow without a reason.

It is hurts in the heart when see the youngest of the band be like this.

He would be a very innocent, cheerful and happy boy who all of them love to pick on when he said something innocent and weird.

But now, he sees a very sad and confused Senga and it is hurt so much to see him like this.

Raise your head Sen-chan!

Senga raise his head and at the same time he feel how Tamamori take him in his embraces gently and all the feeling Senga feel inside of him collapse.

He begin and shake and he could not stop the tears longer.

All this felt so wrong, all this about him and Fujigaya.

Maybe he should forget Fujigaya and...

“Senga, I do not know about your feeling to Fujigaya but you two should talk out.”

“Because you can do it, not we”

What do you mean Tama-chan?

Why cannot you talk out?

“Are you pointing at something special?”

The younger looks up on his friend and sees something does not expect to see.

Teary eyes and a gently smile, was it he sees.

What is this suppose to mean?

How can his friend do him so guilty?

“Ano...say if I have wrong but...never mind.”

“You wonder if I have feelings for you?”

 Senga bit his lip, he wondered it, but he could not ask a question like that.

“That supposes to means that you...have feelings for me?”




Senga I am sorry...

I do not want to do it so difficult for you but since the accident have I realize that I cannot deny the fact.

“I love you Sen-chan!"

A/N naaw poor Senga, it's not easy to be loved by everyone@_@ I will maybe do another version of this part so keep it up guys and I have begin on the next part but have'nt decide whne it will come up~
comments is always love an I hope you like it so far away<3

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