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Two Valentine Day fics

I am counting on you

Author: naku_92

Title: I am counting on you

Pairing: TamamorixSenga

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Tamamori wonder if Senga is the one he can trust most amount all the junior in JE.

“Ne Senga, if I do something wrong or something like that, what will you does then for me?”

Do for you the other asks.

“Yeah, if Johnny-san decides to suspend me, what should you do then?”

 Why is he asking this now?

Senga blink and say;”I cannot say anything right now because I do not think you will do something bad like that.”

“If you say it then I have nothing to worry about.”

Yeah, but now I must end this call if I will come in time to school Senga say.

“Alright, I am not coming to school today, have work at JE all the day.”

“Then I see you when I come to JE on afternoon.”

 Hai, take care in the school now and do not fall asleep the other teas.

In the other end of the phone Senga giggle and say bye and then the call end.


I am take off now kasan~!

Tamamori’s mother looks out from the kitchen and wave.

“Take care and ganbatte ne Tama-kun.”

But Tamamori had already closed the door because he realizes the time was more than he thought it were.

Mjou~ how can the time go so fast?

Tamamori does not see what who was in his way and bump right in someone.

“Hey your little brat, see were you going!”

Tamamori bows and say sorry but when he bumped into the other their all stuff had fallen to the ground.

He looks at the clock and that he saw was something bad.

Tamamori pick his stuff, but he does not see that he by an accident take the others money with him.


He stopped of the shock and looks down into his bag and there, beside his own money lie an unknown wallet.

 Before he knows it someone grape his arm and punch him against a police car.

Damn, this does not happen to me!


Moshi moch~!

Senga, something terrible have happened.

Who is it?

It is me Miyata!

Sorry Miyata, but I am having lesson about five minutes.


What have happen?!

He is at the police station~!


Senga onegai, you are the only who is in the nearest the station and we other cannot go, so can you ask for permission to get there please Senga!

 I will, do not worry Miyata, I will take me there at no time.

Hontoni arigatou Senga-kun, it seem like a big mistake have happened.

Good luck Senga, I must go now.

Jya ne Miyata and do not worry and say to the other that I will do my best to help Tamamori-kun!


“Senga, hurry up or you will be late to the lesson.”

I am on my way Senga say but his minds were somewhere else.

What have happened to you Tama-chan?




In the classroom

“Pardon me teacher, but my friend is on the hospital and his parents cannot leave there works and no one else he know so I am the only one who is free.”

“Onegai, let me go to him!”

If you really are the only one who is free go then, but I send you the homework’s to your mail later the teacher say.

Hontoni arigatou!

Senga take his stuff and rush out from the room at the same time he pick up his cell phone and search after his friend cell phone number.

Onegai Tamamori, pick up the phone.



“Can I take this call?”

Sure the police man say with a gently smile.


Moshi mosh?

Tamamori it is me.


How are you?

Have they done something bad to you?

Take it easy Tama-chan, I am soon with you.

Do you skip the school because of me?

Of course I do, Miyata called me and say what who happened to you and he sounded really worried about you.



Do you remember what I asked you early today?

Stop it Tama-chan, we take it when I am there Senga say.

Alright, when are you here?

In three minutes I think if you are at the station ten minutes from our school.

I am…

Then wait for me alright and do not cry Senga say teasing for do his friend little happier.


After three long minutes:


Tamamori looks up and see his friend rush towards him with a worried eyes.

He feels how the shock begins to disappear and how he was near to spill tears than before.

This suck, why are this happen on Valentine’s Day of all the days?

Are you Tamamori Yuta-kun friend he said was on his way here a man asked from the behind of Senga.

I am and I want to know why he is here of all the place in the world Senga say and stare back on the police man.

“He is taken for a thief.”


Yeah, he had Leah Dizon wallet in his bag when we caught him.

Senga only stare fourth and back from the police man and his friend.

“But he is not like that type of guy.”

We do not care, because he have taken someone else wallet the man say.

“Wait a moment constable!”

This boy only bumped into him of a accident, and the man have we hunted very long time for a seriously robbery.

“Are you saying Tamamori is free from suspicion for have stealing no one others wallet?”

“Yes, I am.”

Do you hear that Tama-chan, do you hear that Senga shout and hug his friend tightly.

Tamamori feel how relived he begin to feel.

“Do you remember what is for day Tama-chan?”

Senga looks on his friend with a smile.

And Tamamori look back with curious eyes as well.

Of course he knows what it is for day.

You wondered if you could count on me, and for prove that more than rush here I invite you to a “date” on the amused park or anything you want.

Tamamori feels how he blushes, the reason to ask if he could count on Senga was because he wanted to know if his friend possible likes him.

 Does this mean Senga likes him?

Have you think to sit there all the day Tama-chan~?

Senga had already come to the door and giggle when he sees how confused his friend seems to be.

He jump over to his friend and take his hand and drag him at his feet.

“Where are we going Sen-chan?”

I call the other and ask if we can go and do something together.”


Senga was force to think a few moments before his could find out what his friend just had said.

Then he smile and plait their finger together and give his friend a shy smile.

“If you want it then let be only us two.”

Tamamori’s heart stopped for real now.

He realizes how he blushes and only nod to response.

They decide to go home to Senga and eat some sweet there.

And that was the happiest time in Tamamori’s life.

They laugh, jokes and…Tamamori feel how he blushes when he think about what who have happen between them.

When they take off the dishes from the table Senga had sneaked up behind him and gently turned him around to face he.

Senga have gently and shy put his lips on the others.

It was so long since Tamamori had felt so happy.

After little hesitate had he response the kiss as well,

He knows this is his happiest Valentine Day in his life.

At this moment were Senga and talked in the phone with Fujigaya and explain what who had happened on the station and it seems like the rest of Kisumai will come here about 30 minutes and they will take more sweet with them.

Tamamori wonders if they should tell about them or if they should hide it.

“I do not think they care if we are a couple Tama-chan or not. “

Tamamori look over his right shoulder and see his friend stand behind him and smile gently and shyly.

It showed itself that the other get very happy for them and they had wait for this.

“Show us that you guys really are a couple now and share a kiss with us between you two!”

Fujigaya giggle when he sees how his two friends blush hard.

Come on now the other shout and laugh.

The couple looks shyly at each other and slowly they put their lips together, and this time Tamamori gently lick his boyfriend’s lips and beg for permission for let his tongue slide into the others.

The shorter one hesitates for a moment but decide to open his mouth because of need of air after the long kiss.

Then two tongues explode at each other and Senga find his way around Tamamori’s neck and deepen the kiss even more.

Tamamori find his way around the other waist and deepen the kiss as well and Senga feels how Tamamori smile but not break the kiss.

When they at last break the kiss their friends rush over and hug them and all of them fall to the ground with a high sound and begin to laugh.

This was the story when Senga and Tamamori got a couple and today that was one years anniversary and they will celebrate at home with Fujigaya and something who did it even better was that Iida will join the party to.



It’s Valentine Day


Title: It’s Valentine Day

Pairing: Fujigaya/Nikaido/Kitayama/Senga

Summary: Senga is sad for no one seem to want give him nothing in Valentine Day present.


“What is it Senga?”

You seem to be little down today Hiro say.

“It makes us little sad to see you so down.”

Have something happen Fujigaya asks and bent down beside his friend on the couch.

“Yeah, have something bad happen to you?”

Senga looks up and see Miyata, Yokoo, Tamamori and Nikaido come into the dressing room.

“I do not know if it is bad or not.”

Then tell us Sen-chan Nikaido says when he put down his bag on the floor.

“It is Valentine Day right?”

It is, but what have that with this to do Hiro asks at the same time he sit himself beside Senga as well.

“I have not get any Valentine Day present and it seems like no one want it to.”

The six other only stare on the younger one and begin to laugh.

Only Senga thinks like this and only he can worry about such little thing.

“Mjou~why am I telling you guys this?”

You only begin to laugh and pick on me if I say something I think about Senga whine.

Forgive us little Senga, you are so hilarious and naïve sometimes and so freaking cute Nikaido say with a chuckle and hug his friend.

Naaw~ I am sorry Senga Hiro whine and hug him as well, but he do something unexpecting.

He give a blushing Senga a gently kiss on the ear.

“Hey, what are you doing to mine Sen-chan?”

I kissed him like you see F.U.J.I.G.A.Y.A-kun~

I will not accept that at all the other shout.

Senga give out a surprise yelp when Fujigaya place a passionate kiss on his lips.

But before Fujigaya could continue had Nikaido pulled Senga at his feet and hug him in his embrace and gently stroke his friend on his head.

“I will give you a properly Valentine Day gift Senga!”

 Senga threw away the tears and look hopeful at Nikaido who smile gently.

Slowly he pressed his lips against Senga’s and breaks the kiss after few second.

They other laugh when they see how Senga eyes sparkle.

Then his friend goes over to the closet there they have their clothes and take out a big packet.

Senga only stare at his friend when he reaches him  they all shout at the same time.

the big packet.


Then Yabu, Mori, Shoon, Hikaru, Kawai, Totsu, Kamei, Tsuka and Yuto jump out from the other closet and shout;”HAPPY VALENTINE DAY SENGA!”

Senga’s jaw drop and he blinks a few time.

Fujigaya and Hiro place a kiss on Senga’s both cheeks that turn red again.

He pulls away both Hiro and Fujigaya and places his arms around Nikaido’s neck and gives him a passionate and hungry kiss.

Nikaido stumble a bit back and put his own arms around his friend waist and pull him closer with a smile growing in his face.

“I hope you are happier now.”

Senga laugh and shake his head.

“This is the best time in long time, so thank you all guys for do this to me!”

“Then, want you to join us when we have a little party together at JE later today?”

Kawai poke him on the side with a teasing smile in his face.

“No, I cannot.”

Why the other whine.

Because I want to go out with Nika-chan on a date Senga say shyly and hide his blushing face in Nikaido’s crock of neck.

“Daisuki Nikaido!”


Nikaido begin to jump around in the room to the other joyful laugh.

Then he pull Senga in the closet and close the door with a don’t-come-here sound and right after they all run out from the room when they understand what the two in the closet will do to each other.


Here is my Valentine Day gift to you all guys, I hope you like it~
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