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[fic] Nikaido x Senga - Everything and Anything and Nothing at all [1/1]

Title: Everything and Anything and Nothing at all.
Author: BG
Pairing: Nikaido Takashi x Senga Kento
Ratings: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own them.
Prompt: Five Minutes Alone


The last thing I expected when I was making my way back to the living room was to be suddenly pulled into one of the rooms adjoining the corridor. I could hear the laughter and jeering of the other boys; my friends. I instinctively struggled against the cast iron grip on my forearm. I went to yell but a hand covered mouth. I was pushed against the now closed door and my subsequent gasp was muffled.

There was a torso pressed against mine and a knee wedged between my thighs. Fingers caressed my cheek and a calmness filled me then. I knew that touch. My eyes finally adjusted to the light in the room and I very nearly melted at the dark look in those familiar eyes.

I pushed his hand away from my mouth and he grinned at me in the half light. All on its own my back arched, my hips pushing up and out, away from the wall; my body instinctively trying to get closer and closer still.

I heard his chuckle, low and breathy against the shell of my ear and I cursed my body’s desire for him. I cursed my lack of control when it came to him. I shivered and his hand tightened its grip on my bicep and his other hand was tracing intricate, invisible patterns on the skin of my stomach.

I was edging on borderline desperate. His caress has that effect on me. Finally I managed thread my fingers through his hair, tugging until he gave me what I wanted. There was this knowing, obnoxious smirk dancing across his features as he pressed his lips against mine in a kiss that was anything but tender. It was rough and passionate and I liked it because I knew that it was that way because I got under his skin.

He isn’t very good with words but that’s ok because even though I might not look it, I’m very good at listening.

He pulled away and my eyes fluttered open. I could see him pressing a finger to his lips. Almost at once I could hear the sound of laughter coming closer and closer.

“Nika-chan? Where are you?”

I watched with wide eyes. There was a wicked grin on his lips now. He gave me another kiss. This one was chaste and gentle. He placed his finger to my lips and stepped away completely.

After he disappeared I stayed where I was. I ran my hands through my hair and attempted to fix my clothing. I couldn’t go out there looking like I had just been ravaged within an inch of my life. Not only would I be teased endlessly, Kitayama could possible castrate Nika and then were would we be?

I took a deep breath and willed away the blush I knew I still had staining my cheeks. I stepped back out into that corridor. I could hear Kitayama asking Nika where he had been and what he had been doing.

I could hear Nika’s short reply of, “Phone call.”

I could hear Kitayama start his ‘knowing – where – the – boundaries - are - among – band mates – and – let’s – not – corrupt – Senga – speech’ but before he could really get into it Yokoo interrupted.

“Hiro, he was only gone for five minutes. What could possible happen in five minutes? Calm down.”

I entered the living room to see Yokoo with a weary look on his face and a reassuring hand on a huffy looking Kitayama’s shoulder. I met Nika’s eyes across the room and smiled. He grinned at me.

Five Minutes.

I suppose not a lot can happen.

Five Minutes Alone.

Alone with Nika.

What could happen? Everything, Anything, Nothing at all; as long as it was with Nikaido… I couldn’t wait until our next five minutes alone.


A/N: T_T
be safe

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