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Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Fujigaya tells about his feeling and the lucky end is here.
A/N Here is the last part and it is little sad that this is the end. But a sidestory will be up so keep it up and wait to next week.

Part 8

 Tamamori-kun...arigatou ne.

It was nothing.

Tell me, what do you think Fujigaya did it to me?

I do not know, but forgot it ne.

I want but I cannot.

Tell me then Senga-kun, have you anyone who you care about more than no one else?

Maybe, but why are you changing topic Tamamori-kun?

Because…I think I have but I do not know if the person I like think same as I do.

What do you mean?

Nothing, forget it alright.

No, what are you meaning Tama-chan?

I mean…

Hey, Tamamori and Senga, you are late so hurry up!

Tama-chan what was it you wanted to say?

Ano…If we do not hurry will Kitayama-kun kill us both.


“That you wanted to say back then, was it this?”

Senga could not get it at all.

He never thought that Tamamori like him so much.

How will this turn out?

This is not good, because he likes Tamamori a lot but he does not know if he likes him like a friend or more!

“I love you, but something who means more than mine love to you is your happiness.”

Senga blink a few times, what is this supposes to mean?

“Are you saying you are not trying to win me?”

Yeah, because if I win you I know you do not will be as so much happy like if you be together with Fujigaya Tamamori say.

Damn me!

Why am I crying?

“Tama-chan...are you crying?”

“Of course I do, I just gives up my only love to anyone else!”

Now the tear fall, and nothing cannot stop them.

 He knows he seems to be like a girl, crying because of this.

He threw away the tears and smile against his friend.

“Promise mo to not say anything about this to anyone, the tears and my love to you.”

Even if he just had give up his love to Senga, he feels much lighter than before.

One day will he tries and get Senga back but now is he Fujigaya’s.

“One thing to”

You can always come to me if it is something that bother you Tamamori say and hug his friend tightly and he cannot let be than smile.

This was best like that, Senga will be happier with Fujigaya than if he should be with him.


Fujigaya blink a few time, he most have hallucinated.

Said Tamamori he loves Senga?

No, he cannot allow that, not at all!

However, it should be very weird if he rushed towards them now.

They should understand he had stalked at them for a while…

Fujigaya sigh and look over where his friends were supposed to stay but they were not there any longer…!

“Ne Fujigaya, why are you standing in the bushes?”

Senga almost had jump onto Fujigaya and he were to close, to close.

Fujigaya get some kind of shocked and fall back on the ground with a high thud.

“Are you alright Fujigaya?”

Ano...Fujigaya rub his back head with a embarrassed face and he had got a red shade of color.

Now where even Tamamori even beside Senga and he tries to hide a chuckle when he sees how embarrassed his friend was and he understand he had stalked them.

“Ne Fujigaya-kun, were not you who should go home when I take Senga home?”


“Why cannot we all go home to me then?”

Both his friend look surprise at their friend and smile against each other.”

It was only Senga who do not care about the situation.

I think it is better if Tamamori only follow you home and then must you go and rest a bit till tomorrow Fujigaya say and pat his friend head.

“I have a better idea.”

 Fujigaya-kun can follow you home in my place Tamamori say with a wink against his friend.

And his friend blush when he understand what Tamamori mean with the wink.


Now stare the both at Senga who had begins to jump around all over the place.

Sometimes Fujigaya never understand Senga at all.

Were not he who just had cried because of what he had said to Riku?

“Fujigaya, he had already begins to walk beforehand.”


Tamamori chuckle when Fujigaya begins to run after Senga.

Senga, mate please~

OMG so cute.

Fujigaya stop as well when Senga had stopped and turn around and smile and say;

Fujigaya, I forgive you for what you said early today.

Daisuki you very much!

“But I do not know if I can handle it now.”

“Can you wait for me little longer?”

Tears begin to fall down again on light red cheeks.

Why cannot I let be and cry when I am with him?

What is wrong with me?

“However, what than happen, can we always be best friend Tai-chan?”

Fujigaya feel how a tear ran down from his cheek but he decides to not cry because of this.

He blinks away the tears and begins to slowly go towards Senga.

Carefully, he takes his friend hands and looks seriously in his eyes.

“I will wait for you forever, and you can always trust me because I love you.”

It was sunshine, early it had been lots of clouds but now it was only sunshine.

Does it mean something though?

 We can always hope so, because when one of them take the last step slowly and gently place a soft kiss on the other lips under the tree were it someone else who spill tears of happiness for his friends.

The one who kiss his lovers get an answer this time of two arms who place around the neck and gently deeper the kiss and lips curving into a happy smile.

A white pigeon lift from the tree and another one follow this at the same moment.

Both break the kiss when a white feather slowly falls down and land onto the younger one nose, so this most sneeze.

The other take the feather who have fall down on the ground and looks carefully at it and reach it over like a gift to his friend and lover and say;

“I give you this feather like gift as prove of my love to you.”

He gets cut of when the other place a gently kiss on his lips and this time the arms puts around the waist and the two bodies pulls more together.

The atmosphere get only warmer and better and the older one melt away in the kiss.

This could not be better than this.

But it seems like will have wrong.

“Ano…you know that who happen in the dressing room before…”


His friend only stare and a shocked smile grew on the face.

And then he burst out in loud laugh.

“You are hilarious Senga~”

He hugs his younger one tightly in his embrace and twins their fingers together.

Do you mean you want it again he whisper.


But you said you like it Fujigaya whine and laugh.

 “Was it not that you mean?”


Say what you mean then Senga-chan, Fujigaya poke his friend in the side.


“Never mind, let us go home now~!”

Fujigaya smile, he does not want to be in bad terms with Senga because of something suck little thing so he let it go.

“Alright, I follow you home instead for Tamamori.”

When they begin and walk got Senga and think about Nikaido.

“Ne Fujigaya, do you know what who happen to Nika-chan?”

I do not know anything, I was with you if you already have forgotten it.

Senga think, they said he had something to do, but I wonder if it really was like that.

“If you know care more about Nikaido then your boyfriend can you not call him then?”

Fujigaya looks quick around if anyone were there and then put his arm around the other shoulder and give him a quick kiss on the neck.

Senga who had pick up his cell phone and begin to write a message moan little shyly and his cheek get a different shade of red.

Fujigaya smile and does not care if no one sees this or not.

He pulls his friend into a tight hug and licks the other neck gently and place kiss all over the neck of his boyfriend.

They stop and Senga does not know what to do.

The feeling of his friend breaths against his neck and ear, the feeling of little gently kisses on his neck does him to shiver a bit.

However, it feels weird but he cannot hide anywhere, so he decide to hide his face in the other crock of neck and shyly place a kiss as well on the other.

Fujigaya giggle when the kiss tickle him and he stop to kiss the other and only hug him tightly and slowly cares his friend on the head.

Moreover, the world seems to have decide to let them be alone today for no one where there right now but the atmosphere change when Senga’s cell phone begin and vibrate in his pocket.

“Who is it?”

Senga looks on his phone and put it back in the pocket again.

It was only Nikaido who answer at my message I sent early, he response and rest his head at the other should and sight tiredly.

“What is it, have not you sleep enough?”

“I have, it feels like I am dreaming only, the world cannot be better than this.”

 Again Fujigaya giggle and kiss Senga gently and they do not break the kiss than after about minutes when they seriously need air.

At that moment a black car drive towards them, it was the car from JE who should pick them up.


Two friends stand at the stairs and look happy in the other eyes and ten fingers were twined together and two smile, brighter than the sun shine against each other.

Then two pair of lips meet again and two arms wraps around a neck and two other arms pull the other closer itself.

There they stand, kissing and hugging each other in sunshine, and with the wisdom that their friend accepts this and they should always support them.

“Can you promise me something Taipi-kun?”

“Whatever you want me to do.”

“You always will kiss me goodbye even if any fans see us~”

If you promise me that you will kiss me in front of the rest in JE if I ask you.”

The answer Fujigaya was the most passionate kiss this day and a big brighter smile.

 But we do not are together yet, do you remember Senga say with a weak smile.

Part 9

Nikaido, the phone!



Moshi mosh


Hi, it is me.

How are you?

Just fine, and you?

It feels like I am float on feather clouds~

You seem to be very happy now at last.

I am!

But are you sick Nika-chan?

Mae ne a bit maybe…or this morning I woke up with high fever…

However, could not leave you and him alone I thought so I took a pain killer and met up with you guys.

Bakayaro…are you feeling better now then?

Yeah, and Tama-kun called early and said what who happen.

Did he?

Alright, then I do not need to tell you all the detail~

Mjou I do not think so, but are you two together now?

We is not…I am not ready yet…but I love him so it will not take a long time.

Do you know how you sounded just now?

Mae ne…I do not care about how I sounds just now.

Has he gives you something?

Where are my innocent and little stupid Senga?

He will be back tomorrow I guess~

It is best for him, or I will get the whole JE to tickle you all alone through the whole day and poke you and pick on you and…


Alright, I shall stop but have you guys kissed today?

Your behavior seems to mean that you have makes out…



No comments~

You are just saying you have, do you know that?

I am not saying that~

You are

I am not

You are!

Think whatever you want Nikaido but nothing can do me sad today~

That sounds good I think, if he do you something bad again I will get him to wish he never had been together with you and…


Sorry then…but do you know if Miyata have met a girl?

No, I do not know…where have you heard that?

One of the girls in my class said something like that she had seen Miyata without the park early this week with a cute girl.

Mae ne, what if it is?

Soon it will be only me who not have someone I love in the group~



Sorry...but now I most end this call, I most eat now

 Mae ne, see ya tomorrow then~

We will, take care and do not be sick again.

Will not!


Senga put their home phone at the couch again and wonder if that Nikaido said about Miyata had met a girl early.

Tamamori likes him he knows that right, Yokoo have Iida and Hiro does not seem to care about thing like that right now.

But it is little sad that no one cares about Nikaido…

Mjou~ who cares, if he had been little early maybe I will…

What am I thinking?

I love Fujigaya, but maybe I love Nika like a big brother?

Yeah I doo~

“You always will kiss me goodbye even if any fans see us~”

Whooa~ how could I said a thing like that?

But his kisses where really…

AARG~ I am sounds like a girl!


Next day


“What is it Senga?”

Are you dating someone the younger asks teasingly.

“How can you think that?”

Because your face just turned red Nikaido cuts in with a big smile and put his arm around his friend.

Are Miyata dating a girl they other cut in to with a OOH.



“Can you all stop and teasing me?”


MJOU…How can you know that then?

“Do you know you just accept the fact that you are meeting someone?”

Yeah, I know that Miyata say and poke Hiro onto the stomach.

Tell us all the detail please Miyyachi Both Senga and Fujigaya before they kiss each other really shyly in front of the other who burst out of laugh when they see how lucky they both seem to be right now.

“Alright, I will tell the whole story, but do not be angry at me after I have tell the whole story?!”

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