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[oneshot] How to Kidnap A JE Boy

Title: How to Kidnap a JE Boy

Author: [info]talisa_ahn 

Pairing: Sorta Ryoda

Disclaimer: There really would be no point in suing me.  I have nothing to do with JE.  I’m just a fan.

Genre: Humor, Crack

Rating: PG

Summary:  Ryo, Yamapi, and Koyama have a conversation about how different types of JE Boys could get kidnapped.  Mostly NewS, small mention of Kisumai2 and a few other Juniors. 

A/N:  Belated birthday present for [info]quinnsan.  Thanks for always reading and sorry this is late!



“Mm…” Yamapi murmured. “Any JE boy?” ) 

Not a fully Kisumai fic, but they're mentioned a lot more than any other Junior group.  Well.  Senga is anyway...
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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