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Hello fellow Kis-my-ft2 fans! I'm new in this community and this is my first post here! (´u` ) I hope I can get more friends here *lol*

I would like to know some CLUBBOX and GOGOBOX links for Kisumai stuffs, such as Shokura performances, Hadaka no Shounen, or some other TV shows that they appeared already...

I'm not a new Kisumai fan, but it's just now that I'm getting more into them (´__`; ) lol. My favorite members always were Hiromitsu, Kento and Taisuke!

Well, I hope someone can help me! (^-^v )
Thanks in advance, and see ya!

[EDIT] Ah! My name is Ayumi, i'm 15 and at the moment living in Brazil XDD Sorry, I totally forgot (=^=;;) [/EDIT]
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