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[News] New single - LOVE

Kisumai's 21st single, "LOVE" will be released on July 11th.

This summer, the theme of Kisumai's newest single will be a straight-up love song.

Starting with their CM song "L.O.V.E. for Unakowa Cool, "Because I Love You", and 3 unit songs.
All are written with the theme "love" in mind.
From pop-tune to EDM. Emotional R&B to painful ballad.

Units are as follows:
★ Kitayama & Nikaido
★ Fujigaya & Senga & Yokoo
★ Tamamori & Miyata

- "L.O.V.E" MV and Making
- Kisumai-like Yuru Sports Championship

- "Because I Love You" MV -dance edition- and Making
- Forbidden!? contents from Yummy!! album's "Kisumatsu Sou" aka "Ura Yummy!?~mou hitotsu no Kisumatsu Sou~" (Behind-the-scenes-Yummy!?~another Kisumatsu Sou~)

- Includes the 3 unit songs

And for those who pre-order all three versions,
- 3 unit songs recording movie serial video

Pre-orders start May 21st, 10AM JST.

Source: Kis-My-Ft2 Official Site

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