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[Fanfic] Never Believe in Fate & Apology

Never Believe in Fate

Pairing : mainly Miyata

Rating : PG

Disclaimer : I seriously don’t own them~
Summary : Miyata didn’t believe in fate

A/N : a continuation from my previous fic, Broken Relationship and Time (I wonder why it becomes multi-chapter fic >_>), because I thought I should make Hiro suffer too. Enjoy ^^

p.s. dedicated to mokomira because this fic is about miyacchi~

Never Believe in Fate

Previous Chapter

[Broken Relationship] [Time]



Pairing : NikaSen, and Hiro as the big brother

Rating : PG

Disclaimer : At least, I own this fic xD

Summary : Hiro to the rescue! ^^

A/N : again, dedicated to mokomira who loved NikaSen pair. Actually I didn’t have any confidence of writing this, so please forgive me if I write a bad fanfic >_> Hope you enjoy mira-chan! ^^

Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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