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Fan Event for the end of the 7th Anniversary

The French Kisumai Community (Team KMF-Girls) decide to create a little event for the end of the year of this 7th Anniversary of Kis-My-Ft2.
We thought that maybe some people here could be interested so we share it ^^


We invite you to re-watch all the Kis-My-Ft2's concert and make your rankings in this categories :

Rankings (in first, concert that you prefer) :
1. Concert in its entirety
2. Setlist
3. Staging
4. MC and Game Part
5. Interaction with the public (proximity, light effects with penlights involving the public...)

Top 10 :
1. Worst costumes
2. Best falls/bunder

List of concerts :
Aeru de show, Debut Tour, Kis-My-Mint Tour, Snow Dome, Kis-My-Journey, Kis-My-World, I Scream Tour, Music Colosseum, Yummy.
(Please consider only Kis-My-Ft2's live, do not include some scene that can be seen in making or other bonus)

If you want to participate, you can make a comment here (or on our website) with your rankings before the end of the year.
We'll make a resume of the ranking in January 2019.

We created this event just to have a good time with others fans, and because we thought that it could be interested to share ours point of view after 7 years =)
So  if you want to participate with us, You're welcome !
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