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Hello minna-san! ^___^

Hajimemashite, Juu desu~

I'm not a new fans of Kisumai, i believe i started fangirling them for one and half a year, since the first time is saw Hiromitsu (though i prefer call him Hiro~) in Shokura when he read his letter for Taipi, I immediately fall for him even though at that time i don't know he is a member of Kisumai. I simply adore him for his voice (it's soooo good!! >.<)

I have almost all of their performance except for their perf on November Shokura. Can someone please help upload it for me? I would be very grateful ^^

Thanks before though~


And now onto the fic~

5 times Hiro snaps at members due to lack of sleep (And 1 he didn’t) (Prompt # 7)

Pairing : None

Rating : PG

Disclaimer : I own them. In my dream lol~

A/N : For shatteredtenshi’s Kis-My-Ft2-Thon

5 times Hiro snaps at members due to lack of sleep (and 1 he didn't)
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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