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(Fanfic) 5 Times Taisuke was on a Sugar Rush

Title: 5 times Taisuke was on a Sugar Rush
Author: quinnsan 
Group(s): Kis-My-Ft2, mentions of Golf & Mike, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, NEWS, Arashi
Pairing: Slight HiroSuke, and NikaSen
Genre: Crack, lots and lots of crack.
Rating: PG for #1-3, and PG-13 for an implication of sex in #4 and #5, even though I think 5 is a bit borderline.
Flame?: None. ^^
Summary: Prompt # 61: 5 times Taisuke was on a sugar rush for shatteredtenshi  ’s Kis-My-Ft2-Thon.
Beta’d By: nonokame 
A.N.: I sadly do not own any of the boys… though we all know we’d love to own at least one of them. Ok I’ll admit..after the 1st one I found it really hard to write anything that topped it in my opinion..but I tried. *sheepish smile*
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Nino followed them with a video camera.

Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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