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Fic~the one with tamamori and taisuke


author : nana_hikachan

pairing : tamamori x taisuke

type : boy x boy

rating : PG - 13 2nd try

I couldn’t help myself but to look at Taisuke after the rehearsal.All of them were relaxing that time.Taisuke was sitting next to Yokoo and Nikaido.Laughing,smiling,talking,giggling..why is it so good to see him.Why is it he look so hot and what am I thinking now.To see him like that,as a cheerful a TAISUKE FUJIGAYA  himself.


“Tama-chan,didn’t you feel tired for standing up like that.Come here,sit”Miyata,his bestfriend called for him.Tama nodded and sit beside him.


But he could not tore his eyes away form Taisuke.Taisuke eyes,Taisuke hair,Taisuke smiled..yeah,Taisuke lips..That is the most attractive thing about Taisuke.He got the lips that Tama like to called it as ‘ lips of an angel ‘.


What is it feel if that sexy lips touch his lips.How was it taste..Then he started to imagine Taisuke and him were kissing with passionate way.Deep kiss and it was HOT..


“Oi,what is happen to you.Your’s redden.You blushing”Kitayama pointed out after see Tama like that.Tama quickly brushed his mind from that WONDERFUL vision,


“No..nothing..I feel it’s getting hot in here.Don’t you?”Tama think other answer to cover up what is he feel now.Yeah,I feel hot…to see those hot and sexy lips moving,chewing something..I really want to kiss it.




It was late evening after they finish their rehearsal.All of them heading to home but Tama didn’t.His dance teacher want to see him and talk bout something regarding to their practice since he got a special role in their latest song.


After that,Tama heading to KMF2 changing room to change his clothes before go home.There,he notice somebody was sleep on that couch.Tama gasped.It was Taisuke who was sleeping on it..lay down with his eyes closed.What is he doing here,didn’t go home like others.


To see Taisuke lips,Tama couldn’t help himself but to come closer to Taisuke.He leaned closer to him.Tama might gonna regret it.He really want to touched that lips.Their lips were really closed now until Tama could feel that older boy breathing.That is the time when Taisuke opened his eyes.This surprised Tama.


H e quickly turn away and walk.He really wanted to go out from that room.It was so damn embarrassing now.


“Tama-chan..”Taisuke called him.With a soft voice.Tama stop but he didn’t look behind.


But he can feel Taisuke walking to him.Closer and closer.Now.Taisuke was standing behind him.


“Look at me”he urged.Tama slowly turned behind and facing Taisuke.He feel so nervous that Taisuke might gonna mad at him.Too late to regret for his stupid action now.


“I’m sorry”Tama apologized..he look so guilty but adorable now.Taisuke didn’t say anything but giggled.


“No need to say that..”




“Was that you wanna kiss me..??..I notice you always to stare at me all the time.At my it”Tama couldn’t stop blushing now after Taisuke said that.So Taisuke realized it but he didn’t seem care.


“So..lets kiss”Taisuke placing his lips on Tama lips.This really surprised him.He could feel Taisuke soft lips.He could taste it.It was good.Feel really good.Slowly,Tama return the kiss.


Taisuke let go the kiss and smirked.He look straight to Tama and giggled after see how blush the younger boy was now.


“Was that okay?”Taisuke asked.



“The kiss”


“I guess so but..”


“You are such a good kisser.I like it.Maybe we should try again next time..”Taisuke said.


“I…”Tama didn’t know what to say.


“But now I have to go home.My brother want me to buy him something.I must go before the place closed..see you tomorrow”Taisuke hug him and walk away.


Tama still couldn’t believe what is just happened before.He and Taisuke kissing.Something that he never think will come to reality.It was his dream to touch that lips.And when Taisuke said he want to kiss him again..he feel so happy.Can’t wait for the next time to come..To feel and kiss that lips..THE LIPS OF AN ANGEL..~_^


Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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