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[News] FREE HUGS Live Tour 2019 DVD & Blu-Ray Release

LIVE TOUR 2019 FREE HUGS DVD & Blu-ray will be released on December 11th, 2019!
Pre-orders start October 21st at 10AM JST

Second year in a row of having a 5 Dome Tour.
The concert footage is from the May 9th, 2019 show which was the first concert in Tokyo Dome in Reiwa.

Limited Edition Bonus: ¥7800
Dome tour backstage documentary, Happening & Special scenes compilation, and “KIS-MY-TV Special~ LIVE TOUR 2019 FREE HUGS! Edition~” which was filmed on Kisumai’s CD Debut anniversary where Kisumai where they look back in a quiz style visual commentary for the first time.

Blu-Ray Bonus: ¥7800
Multi-Angle live footage, All venue MC Digest, Tour finale special footage

Regular Edition Bonus: ¥5600
“FREE HUGS! Special Edit CD”

When you pre-order early, you get special original presents as listed below:
Limited DVD - Original Photo card Set of 8 A (Solo + 1 Group)
Regular DVD - Original Photo card Set of 8 B (Solo + 1 Group)
Blu-Ray - Original Photo card Set of 8 C (Solo + 1 Group)

Source: Johnny’s net | AVEX
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