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Fics~the one with miyata in it (SEQUEL)

Title : Please be my boyfriend for 1 day special sequel.

Author : nana_hikachan

Rating : PG--13

Type : boy x girl

Pairing : Miyata/Mira

Summary : Some people get a second chance but some doesn't..

It was the day after Mira funeral.Everything was back to normal but Miyata still feel so sad.It was not easy for him to accept what is happened to his life lately.This is the reason why he never gonna believe in fate anymore.Ar least not now.


“Take this” Takeshi give him something.It was a ring.Miyata take it and keep it.


“Mira keep this ring for such a long time and I think I supposed to give it to you”Takeshi explained even Miyata didn’t ask him.He knew that Miyata must be to upset to say or talk about anything now.


“Thank you”Miyata said in weak voice. ‘I’ll keep it for you Mira’he whispered in hi heart.



(Something bad happen )


Tamamori and the rest Kisumai member are rushing to the hospital after they got the call from one of JE worker.Something bad happen to Miyata.


Takeshi almost tripped over his own feet while running to the hospital.Yokoo tell him about Miyata.


Miyata involved in accident.A car hit him while he tried to pick something belong to him that slipped over from his hand to the road.Miyata didn’t realized the car was too fast to avoid and it has been said that the driver is actually drunk.


The witness of that accident tells that Miyata was lying on the road  with blood all over him.He had a badly injured.As for Miyata himself,the last thing that he remember is the loud of sound of siren and people screaming.Then ,everything turn to dark and he didn’t see anything or feel anything.


When  they finally arrived to the ICU,the doctor was just came out from that room.Miyata`s family was there.


“Doctor,how was my son?”Miyata`s father asked.All of them waited the answer in patient and pray so that Miyata will be okay.


“Toshiya-kun,he was stable but I’m afraid that he may  remain in coma”the doctor gives explaination.


“What?”Hiro said it out loud,couldn’t believe what did he already hear just now.Then they all saw Takeshi run quickly toward them.He was just arrived.


“ was he?”Takeshi asked,looking each of everyone there.He can see how Tamamori and Senga cry and Yokoo try to calm them.He feel so not good about this.Miyata..please don`t die..i`ve already lose my sister..i don`t want to lose my brother now..please…Yup,his relationship with Miyata always look like a brotherhood since he was 5 years older than Miyata.


“Will he save?”Miyata`s father ask the doctor again.


“He will stay in coma for I don’t know how long.It’s up to him now..wether to fight for his life or give up just like that.We all just can pray and please don’t stop supporting him because he really need that now..Now ..i have something else to do..excuse me..”the doctor walk away..


What the doctor said really make everyone shut their mouth..Miyata is coma..what will happen to kisumai,what will happen to him…how long he will  stay coma…




Day by day Miyata still didn’t wake up.He still remain unconscious.Everybody worried.His family,his friend,his fan..Even in shounen club,all the fans pray for him each time before the show begin.It is so sad to see kisumai only appear with six member instead of seven.


All of KISUMAI member and his family take turn to accompany in hospital. ..sometimes it was his family and sometimes it was his friend.He also received a lot flowers and wish card from his fan.



“Miyata-kun…Miyata-kun..”a girl voiced calling him.He try to open his eyes but its hard.The voice..he felt he knew it.It sounds familiar.But,was it………..


“Mira..”that is the first word that come from his mouth when he opened his eyes.He saw Mira standing in front of him..smiling.


“Yes I am Miyata-kun”Mira come closer to him and remove his hair that covered his eyes.Miyata suddenly jump up and hug her tightly as if he never want to let her go..


“I never thought I’m gonna see you I already dead.. I … I ..really miss you “Miyata tighten his hug,..he didn’t want to let her go.The tears rolled down form Mira`s eyes but she quickly wiped it so that Miyata not gonna see it.It was not the reason why she is there ,being there,appear in front of Miyata…Mira has something to do and something to say to him but it seems it`s going to be hard.


“I miss you too “Mira whispered and Miyata let her go.


“Where am I ? what is this place..why you are here??”Miyata keep asking her non-stop.


“I’m here because you called me.. I can hear it Miyata-kun..”Mira could not continue her word..It was hard.


“Please don’t leave me again..”Miyata said and kiss her hand.


“I…won’t “she replied..


“ If you leave me.. I wouldn’t know what to do.. I .. I “Miyata still didn’t let go her hand.


Oh what should I do now…how can I tell him.If its up to me..i want him to stay but how could I be so selfish by asking him that.Mira mumbling in her heart.


“Do you love me?”Miyata suddenly asked.This surprised Mira.

“I .. don’t I ? maybe” Mira teased him.. “but,can I call you Miyacchi?”


“Erm…only person who loves me can call me by that names..”Miyata jokes.




“You didn’t??you just like me because I am an idol?”Miyata face suddenly changed.


“Ermm…what?did you say something….MIYACCHI” she grinned.Miyata quickly hug her again…


“…its almost 3 times you hug me..”Mira said.Miyata didn’t care..he still didn’t let her go..Miyata likes the feeling to held her near to his body.It feels so comfortable.Miyata had never feel that way and he didn’t know what is he feel it LOVE.


“What.!!!.you want me to do more than this”Miyata give her naughty grinned.Mira blushed and pinch him.


“Ouch..”both of them laugh and cannot stop picking each other.


“I love you “Miyata whispered to her ears.Mira blinked a few times and look at him…maybe it’s the time for me  to say this…


“How bout your family?? You didn’t love him??”Mira asked and clear her throat.


“ Ehh…”Miyata gave her a confused look.He didn’t understand why Mira ask that kind of question.It’s creepy and weird.


“Answer me”Mira look at him..waiting for an answer.


“ Why  did you ask that?”


“Look..”Mira pointed her finger at one corner and then there was a big screen suddenly appear from nowhere..Miyata could saw somebody there..lying on the bed..with body full of bandage and plaster..that person looks so bad..and Miyata could saw a woman beside him..mother..


“That is you Miyacchi..You’ve been coma for about three weeks”Mira explained.Then Miyata manage to refresh his memory..the day when he try to pick the ring that slipped over from his hand..and when suddenly a car hit him for driving too fast and he could not avoid it..


“Everybody was worry for you..your family,friends,fans,,,everybody pray for you to live again..Your mother,she cry everyday..Praying for god so that you wake up..She willing to give her life for you..”


“Why did you tell me all of this..?”


“I .. I  love you Miyacchi..but I cannot be  so selfish by asking you to stay here with me. I just couldn’t .You still a choice to make a decision wether to be with your family again or not..”Mira cry..She cannot hold her tears anymore while she is trying  as hard as she can to convince Miyata to go back to his life.


“Are you saying that you wanted me  to…”


“ I want you to go back with your lif.Ap[reciate your life that I didn’t have a chance to have it..You still belong there and GOD give you a choice now..”Mira convinced her surprised,Miyata also cry..


“It’s not’s not fair..your life is not fair..”Miyata cried.


“No.. don’t say’s fair enough that GOD gve me a chance to see with you before I died..and now I have a 2nd chance to see you again..that is much more thatn enough..”Mira said.Tears rolled much more faster this time..Deep inside her,she really want Miyata to stay with her but that is not what she going to ask from Miyata..It was so selfish if she did that.


“Please go..before it’s too late and  you loose both..Your body cannot hold on much longer..”Mira begged him..Miyata couldn’t believe what he hear now..his knee feel so weak now then he kneel down to the ground and look down..


Mira kneel down in front of him too..she put her hand to Miyata`s cheek..


“Promise me…you will take care of yourself,family,friend and all people around you..please be the old Miyacchi that everyone know..the one with funny and sweet not give up no matter what…”Mira paused.

“Find another her…”This time Miyata cut her word by putting his finger on her lips..he didn’t want her to continue it..he didn’t want to listen to it..


Miyata kissed her..for one last time. He knew it might be the last kissed her.He put his lips onto her,gentle and Mira kissed him  back,.return the kissed sincerely.They both did a deeply kissed and both Mira and Miyata can feel the love emerged between them.But,it maybe useless…


“I’ll take care of my family,my friend,fans..i will have a good life..appreciate everything that I have.. I will Mira.. I will..And I will love you forever..”Miyata kissed her on forehead.Mira cry again..she was so touched by hearing those word..


“Thanks.. I will love you too..and I will wait for you..if you want me too..please tell Yukiko mama and Takke-nii that I really love them..”Mira said slowly.. “Now,you may go..goodbye Miyacchi”


As Mira stepped back,Miyata called her..


“Answer me,if I am the one who is dead and you are the one who get a chance to choose..what will you choose..stay or go?”


Mira look at him and smiled “ I’ll stay”..Then Mira slowly fade away and disappear.


“Mira..Mira…no…noo..”Miyata called her but there was no respons.



( The actual body of Miyata in the hospital )


A tear rolled down his cheek,rolled from his eyes,yet another tear and another tear to come,eventhough he was still unconscious.


Miyata slowly opened his eyes and he saw all KISUMAI member was there,.each everyone of them.


“’re awake..oh”Yokoo grab him..All of them come to him..


“Miyacchi,.please answer if you hear us..”Tamamori begged him..his cheek was wet.


Miyata just look at them,he still feel confused.Don’t know how to respon.He can see Nikaido eyes wet..ohh,did Nikaido can’t be.


He saw Senga sobbed.He saw Hiro try to calm Senga and others eventhough his face also look like he was just stop from crying.Miyata saw Yokoo and Tamamori rubbed his hand.Tamamori still didn’t stop crying.


“Minna..”Miyata voice was so weak.


“ awake..”his mother come and take his back hand and take it to her cheek..His father also there.


Miyata still cannot talk.He feel so weak..strange..deep inside him..where is Mira..He looks everywhere..but there is no Mira..of course there..she was in another world..she is not here anymore..Miyata can never see her again..



“Mira..”slowly his tears were coming from his eyes..Other just stare at him..speechless.





( 1 month later )


After a long rest,Miyata will appear on shounen club again..Everybody was so happy and excited.So do Miyata.In the dressing room before kisumai have their turn..Miyata sit down for a a while.Alone.


He looks at the ring that Takeshi gave to him during Mira funeral.


“Ganbatte ne,Miyata”Takeshi suddenly come and sit beside him..


“Thanks Takeshi-kun”


“It’s good to have you back”Takeshi said with a smile.Miyata smiled to him.


“Ne,Takeshi-kun..can I say something to you”Miyata look straight to him.


“Yes,why not”


“I saw her…”Miyata said slowly.Takeshi looks calm hearing those word. “She want me to tell you that she really loves you and your mother”


Takeshi look down on the ground.He didn’t respon to Miyata.


“I know you will not believe me but she is the one who bring me back here.She want me to come back and continue my life..”


“I believe you Miyata”Takeshi said.Miyata could see his eyes were gloomy.He cry?


“Thank you for believe in me”


“Of course I believe you.Because Mira is like that.She willing to let go whatever she has so that the other person will have the better life.Mira always like that and I will never doubt her..”Takeshi stated.


“She is lucky to have you as her brother”Miyata could not deny how Takeshi is a very  good person,good brother and  good friend.





Kisumai have to sing Kat-tun song in opening medley for shounen this week.And the song is  ‘PRECIOUS ONE’..


When Miyata first step on the stage,everybody give him a big applause…All of kisumai take over the stage after ABC sing ARASHI song ‘happiness’..and then kisumai started to sing with Hiro and Taisuke in front…


Time goes by bokura wa ikutsumo no deai to wakare wo kurikaesu
Here I am dareka no yasashisa ni amaete nanika wo miushinatta

ima sugisatta kisetsu wo kazoe 1(hito)rikiri no yoru nani wo omou?

Sometime toki ni nazeka mune ni semaru loneliness
I don't want to be all alone setsunakute

One day itsu no hi ni ka mitsukaru sa precious one
sora miagereba hora ne hitotsu no shining star

tell me why doushite boku-tachi wa konna ni ai wo motomeru no kana?

Ahh... hoshizora wa shoujiki da ne yasashiku kirameki yoru wo kazaru

Somewhere dokoka ni iru taisetsu na only one
You're not all alone anymore 1(hito)ri ja nai

Someday itsuka aeru unmei no someone you'll love
futo ki ga tsukeba hora ne kimi no soba ni iru

tatoe million years toki ga sutemo
We never change No worries You'll be alright
Your precious only one kanarazu deaeru sa
One day you'll find kono ??(hoshi) de I believe in love

Sometime toki ni nazeka mune ni semaru loneliness
I don't want to be all alone setsunakute

Somewhere dokoka ni iru taisetsu na only one
You're not all alone anymore 1(hito)ri ja nai

Someday itsuka aeru unmei no someone you love
futo ki ga tsukeba hora ne kimi no soba ni iru
kimi ga soba ni iru
You'll meet your only one

Somewhere dokoka ni iru taisetsu na only one
You're not all alone anymore 1(hito)ri ja nai

Sometime toki ni nazeka mune ni semaru loneliness
I don't want to be all alone only one



When it come to chorus part,Hiro and Taisuke suddenly go behind and let Miyata sing it alone while the rest kisumai stand behind him to support.


It was the first time ever Miyata get a solo line and it was not a plan when HIROSUKE suddenly gave  him that chance.


Miyata sang and let his  eyes filled with tears.Audience all were stand up and give one more big applaused to him.


Deep inside him,he keep repeating the same word ‘I love you Mira’



From far away,in another world..Mira watch him with tears..She was so happy that Miyata is back to his real life.. ‘I love you too Miyacchi’.



THE END..~_^

A/N : special thanks goes to Misako-san...
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