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Fics~the one with YOKOO in it ~_^

 Title : the one that stay inside my heart

Author : nana_hikchan

Pairing : Yoko/Yokoo

Rating : PG

Type : boy x girl

I look at the wedding dress..Then I smiled.I took my ayes away from that beautiful gown and look at the shoes beside it.It was so beautiful..It’s like a Cinderella pair of shoes.It’s sparkle like an angel.Will I be a fairytale princess..will I ?


Then I opened the box that I keep inside my closet.The box is like my treasure since I keep all my favourite thing inside it.I opened it and saw a book inside it.No it’s not a book,it’s a comic.Somebody gave it to me.Somebody that is special to me.





“Yoko..!!”teacher called the name loud and clear while taking an attendance.She was my substitute teacher,replacing my class teacher that still in holiday after giving birth.


“Hai..”a voice answered.It’s not only me who stand up and and replied sensei called.But also another boy.He sitting behind the class.


“I mean Yokoo Wataru..otoko..not onna..because onna got only one one ‘o’ is it”teacher said it and this make me blushed.I quickly sit and just listen to all classmate teasing me.


I look behind and saw that boy..he was just sit and act if nothing happen.


Oh my god..i hate my name,.yoko wataru..wataru yoko..whatever it is..that boy name also yokoo wataru..maybe the spell is slightly different but the pronounciation is same.why on earth god must put me at the same class with another yokoo wataru and he is boy…to make it worst..that boys doen’t seem to care ..Everybody keep teasing me..laughing at me..I hate school…I hate my name..i hate everything..arghhhhhhhh..


“Okay..i`ll tick both Yokoo to make my job simple”The teacher said and yet another embarasseing moment that I must through when all my classmate laugh at me.




At the cafeteria,I walk toward the empty table.It’s not easy to be a newcomer to other place and to make friend is not an easy thing for me..And by entering this school I just have my another terrible teenage moment when meet another Yokoo Wataru but it’s a guy and everybody in this school love to teased.


I hate this place.. I keep mumbled to myself and suddenly somebody pushed me from behind so hard that I could not balance myself and fell down.I closed my eyes and waited my body to hit the floor but it doesn’t..In fact,I can feel my body was in somebody arm..A boy.


I slowly opened my eyes and saw him..Yokoo boy.He help me to stand up again.


“Gomen..” I said to him..


“Hmm”he answered simple and walked away.


Then here come another teasing moment because some of my classmate was there—watching that moment.





“Hey Yoko..what else were you thinking now?”my elder sister voice,Yuna definitely brought me back to reality.


I didn’t answered her instead just smile..Why is it now I always remember Yokoo boy..Why is it now my memory always come back to the time I met him..Why is it now Yokoo boy always play on my mind..I could not stay like this..I’m gonna get married.


“ got this..latest WINK UP issue..with Kis-My-Ft2 as the cover”Yuri,my younger sister suddenly running to me and show the magazine that she held.I took a look for it..I see him..Yokoo boy..Yokoo Wataru.


“Yokoo-onichan was here..and he look so hot”Yuri giggled.


“Yuri---please behaved..”Yuna remind her.


I feel uneasy feeling suddenly pop up into my body..I also didn’t understand why..


Yup,he was no longer Yokoo boy that I know long time ago..he was a star idol..He is one of Kis-My-Ft2 member..even I still remember and recognize way he will remember and recognized way.





Since the incident in cafeteria,I started to be friend with him.Both of us are become much closer now.He was change a bit..he smiled..he talk..but the weird thing is,..only me..he was doing it to me..not to others.I also didn’t understand why.


And he loves to pick on to bullying me..But I didn’t angry..

He always play jokes on me..We`re both jus ignore on how much other people teased us..laughed to us..we`re just didn’t care..and I feel so happy now.


I love to read comics and he loves to play card.But we`re both keep play card and read comics together.. I know he didn’t really likes to do i..didn’t like to play the card game but slowly I started to feel that card game do him..started to realized on how enjoy to read a comic..espeacially before sleeps.We often play together.


I also still remember the day that me and Yokoo boy accidently kissed.We play a card that evening in front of my house..And he hide my card behind his back..I tried to get it back but suddenly I feel down over his body and accidently kissed him..Luckily nobody see us that time.Oh..he got my first kiss.





“Yoko dear…Matsuda-kun just called me to remind you that tomorrow is your big day..your wedding day..he want you to sleep early so that you will be the most beautiful brides sweet”Yuna said to me.


I just reply her word with smile.I don’t know why I feel not so happy bout it.And Yokoo keep crossing my mind.Then I realized—I cry.Did I just realized that I already fall in love with him..why must now??





“Yoko-chan…I don’t know when will we see each other again.I’m going to Tokyo.I manage to enter Johnny Entertainment..”Yokoo boy suddenly said to me while we`re walking to home after school.I feel so shocked to hear it.


“Huh?...are you joking?” I asked..Yokoo didn’t seems to joke now.His face----serious. “You`re going to leave me..why you tell me now..”I cried.


“Gomenasai .. I also didn’t expected this.My auntie send my pictuere and I luckily get I must go..”Yokoo boy explained.


“Can you stay and not joining JE?”I try to asked but I know it maybe useless.


“I can’t..sorry..but daidjobu..we will keep in touch..i am your friend and nothing gonna change that. I will never forget you..Take present..”Yokoo hand me was a comic book.. I refused to accept it but Yokoo boy grab my hand and leave the book to me.


Then he say goodbye and run without looking back,,,I cry.Tears rolled down faster and wet my cheek..


How could you…


The day after it..Yokoo boy didn’t come to school.. I come to his house after school but he was gone..his family also want to move to Tokyo as well…I feel so sad.Hurt.


A year after parent also move to other place and I’ve lost his contanct number.Since then,I never meet him again.But I still saw him on magazines.He was so famous now..So many fangirl love him.Who can resist that kawaii guy.




(  GET BACK TO REALITY )---in my wedding day.


I was sit in front of the mirror inside the room..waiting my sister called me to enter the hall..become Matsuda Kyosuke`s  wife.


Then Yuri run to me..her face look---different.


“Yoko-neesan…did you said that you`ve never opened the comic that Yokoo-onichan gave it to you on the last time you two meet each other..?”Yuri asked..I looked at her..confused.Why is she asking me that kind of question..Suddenly I feel something uneasy inside my heart.


“Why?”I tried to ask.


“You mad at him and didn’t want to forgive him”Yuri added.




“ should take a look at this..”Yuri hand me the comic..I took it and opened it..Then my hearst I saw something..a handwriting..


           I love yoko wataru


It written in each page until the last page..


           I love yoko wataru~~~but I don’t know how to say it to her..if

           Yoko-chan can read this..i want her to know that she is so special to

   my heart.I love her..


My heart…feels like to blow..He loves me too..why he never told me..And why I am so stupid not to opened the comic for many years..i am stupid.


“Sorry Yoko-neesan.. I didn’t purposely want to tell you this.or to make you cry but I think you should know..”Yuri feels guilty..after see my eyes wet..I hug her..It maybe too late now.



Me and Matsuda standing in front of the priest..


And when the priest ask me do I willing to take Matsuda as my husband.. I couldn’t answer..and suddenly my tears come out ..faster.


Everybody surprised to see me..But..Matsuda just look at me..he didn’t seem surprised to see I cry..Slowly he let go my hand and whisper…


“I love you but I know your heart was not for me..Yuri told me everything..”


I was so shocked to see him saying that.I am now extremely speechless.


“Please go…go…before I could not let go your hand anymore..please”Matsuda said.. I know he is sad but he willing to let me go..I look to him..


“ Go”


I look at my sister  and parent.


“ Go”


I look at everybody…they all also look me and their eyes also tells me to go..


I quickly run..and crying.. I cry but I don’t know where to go.. i just let my feet take me..wherever it want to go..


I  run until I tripped over my feet and fell to the ground.. I closed my eyes and wait my body to hit the ground.But..i wasn’t..but,i fell into someone arm..


I opened my eyes..Oh,,him. I saw him..standing in front of me..the person that I really missed after all this year.He smiled back at me..and help me to stand up.


“You never change Yoko-chan”Yokoo said to me..softly.


I couldn’t hold my tears anymore..I cry..cry..and felt like a dream.Yokoo took me to his chest..He hug me..


“How could you---marry somebody else”


“No I don’t”


“I know..Yuri told me..she`s trying so hard to reach me..and you know how difficult she was just to see tell me about you..How could you—didn’ even opened the comic that I gave..and how could you..move without know that i`ve been looking for you for many years.. I miss you..”Yokoo said to me..he still held me near to his chest.


“I’m sorry”that`s all I can say.


“I love you”Yokoo touched my chin brought his lipd toward me..he kissed me.


That time.. I feel so happy..feel like in heaven..

What I feel that time is much more precious than being a fairy tale princess…


“Thank you sis”





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