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MiyaTama BL dorama coming to dTV (not a joke!)

I am pretty speechless about it still but ... MiyaTama are making a BL dorama out of their unit songs.

It will be airing on dTV (like Kisumai Dokidokin) starting October 16.

dTV page: (Info in Japanese)
Info Johnny's web (scroll down for "web")

The trailer is up on Youtube and ... wow. They are writing fanfiction for their fans *lol*
Direct link:

I checked the dTV site. You can register with a normal credit card (e.g. VISA), but the fine print says that videos are not shown "overseas". I assume that means international fans can't watch it.

I hope they release a DVD.

PS: for those of you interested - Busaiku's stageplay will be available on DVD later this year. It was announced on Johnny's web (
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