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[Fan/Fic] Best Friends


Konnichiwa mina-san!
I'm new here in this community as well as LJ
yoroshiku ne *bow deeply*

Here's my 2nd fan fic and my first one of Kisumai
As for me...i'm not really satisfied with the outcome
Demo...i'm still hopping that everyone will enjoy this fic

Author: honeyshikido

Title: Best Friends

Rating: pg-13 (soft yaoi) and het as well (confused myself…hmm…)

Johnny’s Casts: Kis-My-FtII’ members

Dedicated to: Mokomira. Hope that you’ll love this artwork of mine.

Summary:  Tamamori smiled and traced down light kisses onto Miyata’s neck and gave small bites once in a while resulting small whine escaping Miyata’s mouth…



Kuso! What the hell was he thinking flirting on me like that? Demo…he’s kind of cute though…Argh!!! Crap! I’m NOT approving this! Miyata was deep in his thought when he saw a movement down the alley from his bedroom window. He rushed down the stairs of his house and bang opened the front door…running towards the back alley where he first saw the movement a few seconds ago. Who could that be? And what is that person doing peeping around in the middle of night?


*                      *                      *


“Mitsuchi! Mitsuchi! Wake up you lazy creature! How could you be sleeping soundlessly when I was waiting for you for almost 5 hours in the rain?! Wake up you MORRON!!!” Asmiera was so angry that she practically threw out all of Miyata’s stuff onto him. Miyata was just opening his left eye when he jerked his head away from being hit by an 8R size, wooden photo frame which had Asmiera and his photo in it.


“Mira, are you crazy?! You almost killed me!” Miyata rubbed his head that was knocked hard onto the wall while he was avoiding the flying photo frame. “I just don’t believe that I have a crazy childhood friend like you! Are you sure that you are a girl?”


“You…!” Asmiera who was about to cool down decided not to and chase Miyata into the bathroom with a baseball bat on her hands, grabbed on the side of Miyata’s study table. “I hate you Toshiya Miyata! I really do!” 


Asmiera Mokomichi had a mixed parentage. Her father is a Japanese while her mother is a Malaysian. Following Malaysian culture of calling people with their first name, it had been Asmiera since she was born.


*                      *                      *


Miyata help himself with a toast that had been brought by Asmiera while drying his hair. He was so hungry. He didn’t take any bite since yesterday and it was already 4 o’clock in the evening. Asmiera was sitting on his bed reading a manga. Eh? Isn’t that…


“Chotto! What are you doing? You just can’t go touching other people’s stuff you know!” snatching the manga Asmiera was reading away and thrust it under his bed. Phew…it was so close. I can’t just let her know that I’m reading THAT kind of manga!


“Hey! Watch out! What’s with you? You don’t go making me angrier when you still haven’t apologized about standing me up this morning.” Asmiera’s eyes burned with anger.


Why must she always be so tough?... and rough. Just can’t stand her! If only I could bite her ears once…once is all I asked for…that would be the greatest satisfaction I’ve ever had! Miyata drifted in his thought. He gave a very loud cry like the Red Indians and dashed towards Asmiera. Asmiera who was so shocked stumbled down from Miyata’s bed, screaming. Ignoring the voice escaped from Asmiera’s mouth, Miyata jumped onto Asmiera and bite both her ears crazily.


THUD! Asmiera gave a nice big whack on Miyata’s head, bringing him back to reality. “Have you gone nuts?” Asmiera gave a disgusted look.


Feeling there was something on his tongue, he took out whatever it was from his mouth. YUCK! What the…? It was his underwear that he decided to wash after wearing it for a week. Looking back at Asmiera, he unconsciously threw his underwear out of the window, only to realize that it was his favorite. Darn! I’m going to make you pay for this, Mira!


“Ne Mitsuchi, where is it?”


“Where is what?”


“The apology, you dumb ass!” Asmiera gripped tightly on Miyata’s baseball bat once again.


“Hai, hai. Wakatta. Gomen na.” Miyata said innocently and got another whack on his butt with the baseball bat…not as heavy as before.


“You better mean it or else.” Asmiera was still so furious she decided not to be gentled with Miyata this time.


“Okay, okay! Enough already! I’m sorry okay…and I mean it…from the bottom of my heart. I’ll make it up to you. Just please don’t go whacking on me anymore as I have photo shoot tonight.” rubbing on his butt. Man…she stings like a bee.








“You love surprises right? This will be the best out of the best. You are going to love this one.”


“Well…it depends.” Smiling, Asmiera went out from Miyata’s room as she remembered that she had promise Miyata’s mother with her cooking tonight.


*                      *                      *


Sheesh…why do I have to go all the way to the jimusho just to send a bento? I mean…Mitsuchi is not a little baby anymore. He can surely find his own meal somewhere. Urrggh! Like mother, like son. Love to torment me in some kind of ways. Asmiera stood in front of jimusho’s main entrance, sighed heavily before stepped in. Knowing who she was, everybody let her pass without any questions. She went straight to the Kis-My-FtII dressing room. The moment she tried to open the door, it burst open and she came face to face with most of Kis-M-FtII members. By an inch, she almost kissed Hiromitsu Kitayama.


“Mira-chan!” Kitayama pushed her slightly backwards letting Takashi Nikaido, Kento Senga, Wataru Yoko and Taisuke Fujigaya filling the hallway, closing the door behind them. “What brought you here?” eyeing Fujigaya nervously. Nikaido and Senga who were holding hands let go immediately hearing Asmiera’s name.


“I’ve brought bento for Mitsuchi.Okasan asked me too.” showing the bento to them in protest.


“Mitsuchi? Owh…you mean Miyacchi. I almost forgot…gomen na. Well…he’s inside.” Yoko said pointing towards the dressing room on his back with his thumb. “OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” rubbing at the back of his knee.


“Warui…it’s slippery here. Ne Hi..rop..pi.” tilting his head, Fujigaya looked at Kitayama. Kitayama smirked. Senga fought not to laugh while Nikaido looked sideway.


“Well…would you gentlemen excuse me as I have a delivery to make. Then I’m done!” Asmiera pushed the crowd away but came to a halt as Kitayama blocked the door.


“Why don’t we go out and have a nice dinner? The 6 of us, together. What do you say, my beautiful lady?” brushing Asmiera’s left cheek with his fingers as Kitayama whispered huskily into Asmiera’s left ear.


“Don’t you go touching me like that again or else!” Asmiera backed away, gritted her teeth with a slightly pink face.


“Mira-chan…ikou yo…ne.” Senga tried to look as kawaii as he could be, tugging on the sleeve of Asmiera’s sweatshirt.


Looking back at Senga, she sighed. Oh great…just great. He really knows my weaknesses.  Why do I have to face Senga? Why must he look so cute and adorable like a baby angel? “And why is that I need to follow?” looking straight into Senga’s eyes, trying to be tough. Oh no! I’m melting!


“Coz it’s Hiroppi no tanjou-bi!” Senga replied, hopping cheerfully.


“Oi…knock it off.” Nikaido pressed both of Senga’s shoulder to stop him from being a bunny. Senga pouted.


“So ka na…ok. I’m in. Demo, I want a treat…from the birthday boy. If not, I’m definitely not going. Zettai, zettai dame!” crossing her arms over her breast almost spilling out the bento she brought along.


“If you are not going, I’ll have to kiss you by FORCE!” determination showed in Kitayama’s eyes. Asmiera was not going to look away. She will not be defeated by that Kitayama brat. NEVER!


“You two! Enough already! I’m hungry…ikou!” Yoko grabbed the bento on Asmiera’s hand and put it just beside the Kis-My-FtII dressing room’s door and dragged her away followed by his other friends…and Asmiera’s scream.


*                      *                      *


“Mi..yac..chi…where are you going? Don’t leave me alone…onegai…shimasu…” Miyata was about to run towards the door as he thought he had heard a recognized screaming voice when a pair of hand embraced him from behind, one up from his left shoulder settling on his chest while the other around his waist. He tried to get away but the other person’s hand got firmer on his body.


“Mo iiyo..Tam…” he was turned around by the other person, pushed till his back hit a wall, and being kissed forcefully. They were lip-locked for a few minutes before Miyata got the chance to break it off. “Yuta Tamamori…what in the…world…are you…doing?” trying to catch his breath between words.


“Betsuni.” Tamamori smiled…licking Miyata on the lips. Miyata jerked away. “Why do you always have to be so cold towards me…Miyacchi?” he gave a soft blow into Miyata’s ear before biting Miyata’s earlobe.


“Unnggh…” Miyata tilted his head.


Tamamori smiled and traced down light kisses onto Miyata’s neck and gave small bites once in a while resulting small whine escaping Miyata’s mouth. “You seems to enjoy it very much I dare say.” sliding his hand inside Miyata’s shirt and stroked softly Miyata’s skin just around his belly-button.


“No…I’m no~~…aah…” Miyata shivered as Tamamori’s hand started to explore Miyata’s body while Tamamori’s left leg was pushed upwards onto the middle of Miyata’s legs. Aahh…atsui kimochi. Damn you Tama-chan! Why are you…ummhh…doing this to me? Damn it! Why isn’t my brain works properly now? Aaaaah! Resist this temptation! RESIST! Miyata’s hands gripped at the hem of Tamamori’s shirt tightly and threw his head backwards. He knew that he can’t resist Tamamori anymore…he just can’t resist the temptation any longer as Tamamori’s right hand started to play around his nipples while his left hand slides into his jeans in and out teasingly.


*                      *                      *


“Mitsuchi wa UZAI!” Asmiera shouted at Miyata. “Don’t you ever show your face in front of me again! NEVER!” Asmiera dashed off wiping tears that started to stream down her face. She was so furious.


Miyata was dumb struck. He didn’t know what he should do. Should he chase after Asmiera? Or should he just let her cool down first and then try to apologize? Either way, he remained there unmoved.


“Ne Miyacchi…doshitano?” Tamamori wrapped his hands on Miyata’s neck. Bringing his mouth nearer to Miyata’s ear, “Why was Mira-chan so sad?” Tamamori bite Miyata’s earlobe softly and trailed down light kisses on Miyata’s neck.


“Tama-chan…no…stop it.” Miyata pushed Tamamori away as gentle as he could. “Gomen ne Tama-chan…this is just not right.” Miyata looked into Tamamori’s eyes which started to glisten. Oh man! Stop it please…don’t cry now. Miyata took his gaze away from Tamamori and threw it on a nearby coffee table in his room. There it was. The bento that Asmiera had brought for him on that night.


Suddenly Miyata felt as if all of the air had been driven out from his lung. A really nice one, two punch had landed on his stomach. Looking up, he saw anger in Tamamori’s eyes. He knew that he was to be blamed in this current situation, that he was the worst. He didn’t mind to be the punching bag of Tamamori. He closed his eyes, waiting to receive more blows which turned out to be a very passionate deep kiss. Opening his eyes, their kiss parted and Tamamori dashed out from Miyata’s room.


Miyata’s okasan poked her face into Miyata’s room with a questioning look then decided not to interfere with her son’s personal life and went to finish up watching her favorite j-dorama.


*                      *                      *


It had been raining for days.  Asmiera sat at her study table which was in front of her bedroom window. Despite of the chilled crawling inside her bones, she just sat there quietly wearing her favorite purple sweatshirt and a matching color shorts. Hugging her favorite blue colored soft toy named Yuuji tightly, she threw her gaze out of the window. It had been 3 weeks since the day that she had a fight with her childhood best friend, Miyata.


What Mitsuchi’s been doing? He hadn’t contact me since then. Argh…As if I’m going to answer his phone calls even if he did! Zettai dameyo! Demo…I hope that Mitsuchi’s doing well out there. Asmiera sighed before deciding to close the window as she can’t take the coldness anymore. Asmiera gave a little yawn and went to sleep.


*                      *                      *


Still feeling sleepy, Asmiera walked towards her bedroom door. Lazily, she squeak open the door and with her eyes still half close, she walked unsteadily towards her bathroom. Not even reaching a few steps away from the door, Asmiera stopped as she felt like she had kicked something, not so soft yet not so hard to have injured her toe.


Opening her eyes widely, Asmiera looked down onto the floor. She was so surprise to see a bouquet of purple roses and a little pink colored soft toy on her doorway. Asmiera picked up with both hands, the little pinky one on the right while roses on the left. For the first time she saw there was a note attached on the bouquet. Facing her bedroom, Asmiera ripped open the envelope and gasped. Tears started to fall onto her cheek.


‘My dear Mira-chan, I know that there’s no way u will ever forgive me. Demo…this is what I feel…from the bottom of my heart. And I want you to know…no matter what happens…I will always be there for you. Forever!


Kudaranai koto de moriagari

(We have fun doing the most trival things)


Ki ga tsukeba asa made warai atta

(Before we even notice, we’ve been laughing together till morning)


Otona ni natta hazu nano ni

(We’re supposed to have become adults)


Nanimo kawatte nai ne

(But we haven’t changed a bit)


You are My Best Friend


Sasai na koto de tama ni wa kenka mo suru sa

(Sometimes we fight because of the silliest things)


Butsuke atta kimochi no kazu dake wakari aeru

(But we understand aech other better each time we collide)


Kore kara mo koe ni dasu koto wa nai to omou kedo

(In the future I probably won’t say this out loud again)


Honto wa kimi to iru toki ga ichiban kokoro ga attakai yo

(But the truth is that when I’m you, that’s when my heart feels the warmest)


I hope that one day, you’ll open your heart to forgive me. I will wait for you… no matter how long it will take. I don’t want to loose you…ever… because…I have always loved you my childhood best girlfriend. Mira-chan…Ai Shiteru.


Will always love you,



Asmiera’s tears streaming down harder. A little sobbed escaped from her mouth. Suddenly she felt a pair of hand embraced her from behind. She turned around and almost fainted. She was so shocked to know that the pair of hand belonged to Miyata.


“Mira-chan…please…please forgive me and do give me a second chance. Onegai shimasu.” Miyata’s voice was so soft. He had never spoken to Asmiera like that before. He looked deeply into Asmiera’s eyes, seeking for apologies.


Nothing came out from Asmiera’s mouth other than sobs. She tried to say something but failed to do so. Asmiera at last manage a nod as an answer.


Miyata smiled. He was so happy and hugged Asmiera tighly. Planted a soft kiss on Asmiera’s right cheek, he whispered, “I love you Mira-chan…I love you.”


Asmiera’s sobs had died down and she smiled in Miyata’s arms. I love you too Mitsuchi.
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