Hana (x_shock_me_x) wrote in kis_my_ft2,


Hey. So I have a question and I know is a long shot but XD So coming back to the Kisu fandom after WAY too long. I'm actually looking for a particular (super old, pre-debut) perf of Kisu. It's an SC of Smile, research tells me it was the first performance (I think?) in 2008.10
It's on dailymotion here
Yes, I AM aware I could rip it but does anyone else get INSANELY bothered when the audio and video are out of sync? XD Anyway, just thought I'd take a shot.

P.S. sorry I'm not really sure what to tag as, I haven't used LJ in YEARS XD

Edit: I actually ripped it and the sync doesn't seem as bad XD But still, if anyone has a nicer quality they would pretty please share that is always appreciated

Got, thank you so much doggynap

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