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Title: EverLasting
Rating: PG-15
Parings: Senga KentoXNikaido Takashi, Senga KentoXYokoo Wataru, Fujigaya
TaisukeXKitayama Hiromitsu, Tamamori YutaXMiyata Toshiya, NEWS (Don't Know Yet), KAT- TUN (Don't Know Yet), Tackey&Tsubasa(Don't Know), Golf-Mike (Maybe Not)

Summary: Senga Kento, A boy that's going to an "All Boys School," nervous and scared is
what he feels in his body and mind. But since it's his first day it seems that he got peoples
attention. what will happen now since it's going to be his first day at an "All Boys School."

Note: I had 2 change fix my errors in the last one it didn't sound right but 4 now I'll make
sure i don't mess ^ n sry about these l8te postings. i had 2 get my mind off writing n it took


Prologue: Start Off!!!
Chapter 1: Meetings
Chapter 2: The Unseen
______New One_______
Chapter 3: The Bright
Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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