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Random Fic I made

Title: Soulmate
Author: hokuto_sama
Pairings: NiSen/Senkaido (w/e it's called XD), HiroSuke and some others.
Genre: AU G or something (<---is that even right? XD)
Disclaimer: Yeah if I were Johnny Kisumai would've debuted already TT
Warnings: dude....I think I may forget the rating so warning of cursing is the only one right now XD but I tried not to curse much^^ who knows! this may go smutty XD idk... and I am a COMPLETE Newbie to the fanfic world so hate me in silence if this is bad since it's my first try at a fic EVER xp XD. Also My grammar sucks since I don't care much for it in the net.
Summary: 2 strangers that keep passing eachother...never looking the others way. Will they ever meet??

I hate LJ Cuts btw
Different time, place, change, POV, generally everything separated by --♥--

"EH?! you're serious?" Yokoo nearly screamed at Nikaido's ear. As he had expected everyone knew already. But his brain was too numb to care.
Who was talking?
"come on at least tell us what happened!" Taisuke said with an annoyed voice. It seemed to kill him not knowing what went wrong.
Shut up already
"She broke up with you?" Tamamori told him. That was the most blunt of the comments he had heard so far. It hurt. He felt his chest tighten a bit but concentrated on being numb
It hurt come I don't feel anything?


The day before, Nikaido and his now ex-girlfriend had gone on a date to celebrate her high scores and for getting into the University of her choice. She was in High Spirits and So was he. They arrived to his place after a luxurious dinner and made their way to His living room.
Ah~ how peaceful.
It was the beauty of living alone, no one to bother you, no one to nag you all the time. But even so, he felt homesick from time to time.
She sat down first in the brown rug of the place. Honest to god true, Nikaido was a slob. And not caring for much furniture didn't help hiding that fact. He followed behind her and set his stuff down near the only couch in the place and made his way to the other room.
"You want something?" he called from the kitchen as he placed a bag with take out in the fridge.
"nah...I'm ok" she said.
Something was wrong. She was being awfully serious. Not like her usual self. Nikaido stood near the entrance to the living room just watching. thinking not to make much of this, he walked closer but his brain took over once again to say out loud what he was really thinking.
"Whats wrong Natsu?"
She shifted uncomfortably but looked at him a few seconds later. She wasn't saying anything. A pet-peeve of his. He tried again.
"You don't seem like yourself today" he said bluntly. She didn't move and blinked a few times before her expression changed from one of confusion to something he quite couldn't grope.
"Actually Nika-kun, theres something that I wanted to talk to you about"
Nikaido watched her intently so she would continue.


"Ne,Ne Nika, did she give u a reason?" asked Taisuke after he had already told them. They'd keep annoying him other wise.
"She said I would be holding her down in college if we stayed together. Thats it." The others looked at him strangely. He wasn't very happy but he didn't look hurt at all. Just with a kind of strange serenity. After something like that, they were surprised he showed up for work. They remained quiet for a bit. Suddenly ,and to the surprise of the others, he jumped up from the couch with a smile on his face.
"I'm hungry. Let's go eat" and made his way to towards the exit of the building. The others confused but somewhat relieved followed suit.

Taisuke Jumped a bit from the vibration f his phone.
"You guys go ahead, have to take this call"

"WHY ARE U SO LATE?!!" Hiro screamed at Senga in the cafe they met up every morning to.
"Sorry, I-I just overslept" he said still half asleep. Hiro gave an annoyed sound to his younger friend.
"waah~....and you say I oversleep We've been waiting for hours now"
"Don't be such a drama queen Hiro" Miyata told him from his seat.
"Don't mind him Senga. He's cranky. He needs his juice" Hiro threw his empty pack of gum at Miyata who dodged it easily and laughed at his friends tantrum.
"Come one you guys. Sit down or I'll make you sit down" Miyata said again. He was being serious. He wasn't about to get a bad reputation thanks to these two. Senga and Hiro looked at him with fear. They knew that getting Miyata angry was like digging your own grave, so they made their way to the opposite side of the table and sat down in the comfortable chairs. Senga sighed in relief to the lack of attention they got from the scene that had just done.

He looked around for the first time at the place. It was luxurious with Tall windows decorated with dark drapery, fancy tables and table ware and import chairs and furniture. Most of the colors were neutral, earthy type tones but beige and white and black stood out the most from the browns and reds in the mix. It was no ordinary place. The regulars were from the working High-class. The elites who made their way to work or just to chat it up with others of their same wealth. Senga and his friends Hiro and Miyata had been going to this same cafe for years and they've always noticed this was no ordinary cafe. As if life was just a game for him, Senga's life was surrounded with wealth. His father, a wealthy Entrepreneur dealing with various kinds of Business, had always given him the best of the best, and he really meant THE BEST OF THE BEST. It was kinda scary actually but Senga didn't mind because it was how his father showed his love for his family, despite Sengas own dis-interest in money and wealth.

And now sitting in this cafe, once again, he felt a little nostalgic. As the waitress brought their food in, a loud commotion could be heard outside. High pitched screaming and various officers yelling order, all eyes were on the Main entrance to the place.
"Ugh...really?" Hiro said in discontent.
"Honestly, not this again" Miyata said
Senga turned to his friends with a confused look while in the process dropping a glass of water in the table.
"ah~ what the?!" he stood up from his seat drenched and grabbed one of the carefully folded napkins. He looked up to see the entrance to see what was happening once again but nothing seemed to move onwards so in the process of drying his shirt and jeans he turned to Hiro and Miyata.
"What do u mean by that?" he said.
Hiro in the middle of biting his toast muffled something but the words were alien language to Senga. Miyata laughed at Hiros attempt to talk with his mouth full and laughed harder when it seemed Hiro choked on his Toast.
"Where are your manners, you"Miyata said.
"He meant to say that you wouldn't know since you didn't come for the past week ne?"
Senga Nodded. He hadn't been in Tokyo all week since his father had gone abroad on a business Trip in California and had asked him to come along.
Hiro, recovering from his panic gulped from the Milky coffee in front of him and sighed in relief.
"Some friends you guys are. What the hell?! I was ACTUALLY choking. If I had died I would've come to haunt you both." He said with an angry tone. "All week some idol guys have been coming here. wahh~ so annoying" he said. The commotion hadn't ended there. They could see the girls pushing and screaming a bit louder, a bit being an extreme understatement.

"I dont get what they see in those guys" Hiro said. Miyata Nodded and Senga gave them a confused look. He smirked a bit.
"You're one to talk. The girls chase you for miles. What the THEY see in YOU?" he laughed. Miyata laughed at Sengas comment. Hiro looked angrly at senga with a "you're not gonna live to be 21" look.
"This doesn't seem to be drying anytime soon. I'm gonna go call the driver to bring me a new set of clothes" Senga said and made his way towards the restroom. Not long after, the main entrance opened and all eyes in the place were once again there. Four guys walked in wearing sunglasses and hats and big coats. As if that had helped them at all, everyone knew who they were from the girls screaming of "kyaa~ YamaP! Jin! Ryo! Koki!"
It was never ending. Finally after the commotion, Security managed to calm the girls down and some of them had left while others stayed in the front to wait for their idols.


"why'd you pick such an ovbious place??" whinned Jin
"I didn't pick it! it was Ryo who did!" whinned Yamapi
"Me?! I didn't pick it! it was Koki!" Ryo said, angry at being blamed.
Koki sighed in frustration. They were already settled into a table but going through the menu turned into a blame-fest.
"Who cares! You guys suck!" he said angrily. RyoPin all turned to look at him.
"So it WAS you afterall..." Ryo said.
"whats the big idea with this? making us go through hell for this place" YamaPi said
"yeah! ah~ those girls were vicious! one of them pulled my hair! I think she tore it off too!" jin whinned.
"Yeah I think she did!" Yamapi said turning to see jins head. Ryo and Koki did too.
"WAHH~! She took alot! You have a bald spot now!"
Jin panicked and a squeaky scream escaped his mouth, touching were the pain was.
"AHHH~! WHERE?!" he screamed and the other three laughed heartedly.
"You're true to ur bakanishi name" Koki said, half in tears of laughter.
"well just get comfortable now. Taisuke said he and the boys would come Join us soon"


"Did you HAVE to take the long way here?!" Taisuke screamed at Yokoo. He raised a bit from his seat and grabbed on to the back of Yokoos seat with his butt in the air making Yokoo somewhat panic at his childish stunt that could kill them all if he couldn't see where he was driving.
"Shut up! if you don't like it why'd you come along?! he screamed at him
"WATCH OUT FOR THAT CAR!" With that said Yokoo turned quickly to find a red car in his way. Nika just watched as they all panicked from his seat. He laughed at their actions. Yokoo Drove madly in an attempt to avoid a crash and continued on driving.
"ah~ you guys suck. ALOT" he said mostly to himself. Yokoo hearing that made a discontent sound.
"I suggest you stay quiet kid."
"Nani?!" Nika said, anger in his voice. He didn't like people telling him what to do.
"ha! I don't even know why I'm here" he said.
"what are you talking about?! you're the one who said he was hungry" Yokoo argued back.
"But WHERE are we going?" Tamamori interrupted. Yokoo gave a confused look to Taisuke who just smiled and settled back in his seat.
"We're eating brunch with Koki and the others"

"Finally you're back!" Miyata clapped at Senga who had taken a life-time in the bathroom.
"you're such a girl. You have to be the only guy who lasts an hour in the bathroom" Hiro said as he read the Menu. "I thought you went down the drain in the toilet" he smirked
Senga frowned.
How ironic of him to say that
"You're gonna eat again?? God! your stomach is made of steel!" he said
"Or rubber. It stretches doesn't it?" Miyata added. Hiro didn't look up and occasionally gave a "oh! this is good!" or a "waah~ I haven't had this in a while" while he went through it again.

"Well you guys take care of the rest. I just got a call from Yuriko. She said My father called for me at home so I have to leave" Senga said.
"You're going abroad again?" Miyata asked in curiosity.
"Or maybe he's gonna finally ask you to take over one of his businesses and then the whole lot of them and you're gonna rot in work just like your old man!" Hiro said with a fake concerned and scared voice. Senga shivered at the idea.
"He wouldn't ask me that. At least not Now" he said
"Well whatever. See ya" Miyata said, waving Senga off.
"Yeah don't break a leg!" Hiro waved holding a tissue stupidly and waving it in the air. Senga laughed at his stupidity, and walked towards the revolving doors.

"FINALLY! I'm starving!" Nika said as he got off the car, stretching his limbs as far as they could go. Taisuke stood next to Nika and Tamamori followed them as they waited for Yokoo, who was handing his Keys to the one who would park his car, with a frown on his face.
"that guy better not joyride my gorgeous." He said as he saw his car drive off, waving at it.
"Cut the crap. Valet Parking? Really??" Nika said looking up at the sign of the place. A fancy Logo with Gold colored corners spelling the Words "Cielo: Italian Cafe" before he looked back down at his friends.
"Koki said he and the others would be here" Taisuke said with a grin on his face. Tamamori and Yokoo looked at him in curiosity. Nika joined them in the act and said,

"So...who's paying for this?"

Senga walked off towards the door. It somehow felt so far away to him.
Well at least long enough for him to remember Yuriko's, his fathers assistant's, words.
"Be punctual. You know your father gets angry at your lack of punctuality. This is really important so You MUST be here on time. 1 o'clock got it?"
Nika walked towards the entrance. It felt light years away and he remembered the words Natsuyo had told him.
"With both of us going seperate ways, theres no point in a long distance relationship. Besides, evenwen you're with me, that's not enough. I know you don't really love me. I dont take that place in your heart. I've seen you with so many others. Will you ever take any of them seriously? I can't compete with that. I really do love you, y'know. But if you can't love me back then theres not point. But please remember one thing. As long as you think life and love are just a game, you'll feel the way that I did a long time ago."

I don't care what you think,
he thought.

Nika took one more step
Senga took one more step.
Nika took a hold of the handle
Why does this place have so many doors?
one more door.

Nika took a step towards the revolving door.
Senga took a step towards the same door.

Will this never ending cycle end? they both thought.

With that in mind, Nika and Senga passed through the revolving door. Time seemed to have stood still as they both made their way through the same place, but neither of them turned to see the other. Senga walked in the Opposite direction Nika went. they both walked out, through, though from opposite sides, from the revolving door that kept them inside.
Senga passed by some strange people near the exit. He turned his head to take a look at what they were looking at that seemed so alien.
"Wahh~! the prices in this place are too high!" he heard one of them say
"I didn't bring enough money to this place!" another one said.
"Why didn't you warn us Taisuke?!" he tallest of the three said.
"it wasn't my fault Koki said...." and the conversaton trailed off as he made his way outside. The driver was there, waiting, and as soon as he saw him, he opened the back door for him.
"this way, sir" signaling with his hand to the entrance of the car. After a small wait, he felt the car move and they drove off.

Nika turned to see his friends commotion, seemingly entertained by a sign by the door. He saw as person turned to look at them and then go outside.

" a place like this??" he said to himself and walked past the same door again. He looked outside to see people standing outside and a ton of fancy imports and limos.
"C'mon! You guys suck too much! waaah~! I'm so ashamed to be seen with you"
Nika said extremely annoyed. Yokoo, nervously stood next to Nika, almost hiding from the other two.
"yeah you guys should be ashamed!" he said making Tamamori and Taisuke to turn to glare at him.
"C'mon. Let's go inside already" Tamamori said. After finally walkig inside and Looking around, Taisuke spotted Koki who waved to signal them their location. Just as they were making them selves through the tables, Tamamori turned and said "You guys go ahead" and walked quickly towards a different direction.

"wait where are you going??" Taisuke asked, and walked behind Tamamori, curious of what was happenening.
"Goddamit! where are you two going now?!" Nika said, without noticing the trail of people behind them.
"Just keep walking. Theres some people waiting come on!"
With that Nika and Yokoo reached where Koki and the others were.
"Where'd they go?" Yamapi asked once they were settled. Nika shrugged and Yokoo shook his head from side to side.
"they'll be back. Taisuke was craving some ice cream just now"

They all laughed.
Tamamori walked quickly and turned still walking
"what are you doing here?!" he said angrily.
"where are YOU going??!" Taisuke said walking right behind him.
"I'm just gonna say hi to an old friend of mine! you didn't have to tag along!" he said.

Taisuke wondered how big the place was that his legs were tired already. Just then Tamamori stopped suddenly, causing him to bump into him and nearly making him want to beat him to a bloody pulp. He looked up to see two guys sitting in a table, one with a dark hair and one with lighter hair, with a glass turned over and the light-haired guy looking through the menu

"Miyata-kun! Ohisashiburi desu!" Tamamori said with a smile in his face, making both guys turn up to look at him and Taisuke. Hiro looked up and noticed Taisuke, who was closer to him then Tamamori, and gave him a smile, causing Taisuke to look in suprise and a sudden blush to appear in his face.

This is getting interesting Hiro thought.

"Ah! Tama-chan! What are you doing here?!" Miyata said standing up.

You never know If the person you will call "The One" someday is in the other side of the world or just a step away...

Ok don't kill me for the horrible plot and grammar k? I fail at that. Well this was a complete inspiration Rip off XD of the Soulmate Drama so....yeah. Oh! and I AM aware this lacks romance XD this would be an epilogue wouldn't it? whatever that is
Yeah I dont think I'll be continuing this anytime soon (just had to take a monkey off my back from watching that lol) so Comment or not, your choice I don't care for them xp XD
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