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Guess what today is...


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Omedetou Taisuke!!!!!!

This little dark boy entered JE when he was just 11 and has undergone many obstacles to get where he is today. Dramatic much?!? not! XDDD But really, most of his contemporaries already debuted so I'm glad that at least he's getting noticed and most especially loved for his natural talent in dancing, singing, skating, rapping, comedic skills and his WTF appearance when acting in Hyakushiki. So much love ♥ Also, who could get tired of his friendly senpai ways? Mori fanboys him! I do too! Yay! I will continue to support you and kisumai so don't break up anytime soon. I'll watch Byakottai promise! *raises left hand* XDDD ILU like inori.

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