press the reset ☆ (kizuite) wrote in kis_my_ft2,
press the reset ☆

Kay, hi guys, I'm here with a quick question, it's probably really lame, but I'm still a little hazy about Kisumai2, so help me out >>;

I finally got to watch the latest Shokura (Nov 5th) and while watching it, I noticed that Taipi weren't there. Even near the end, when they start singing Inori, he isn't there. This is my main question now - I've read that Taipi is in Byakkotai, the same samurai drama as Yamapi and Koki, so I was just hoping for a confirmation since the forums I get this news from don't really mention Taipi's role. Was he busy with Byakkotai filming during this episode's filming, or is there some unknown reason for his absence?

Thanks for anyone who can answer my question ♥;
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