December 25th, 2006

だいすけ ♥ 

Shokura Chart 2003

My next Christmas present for the fandom~

I spent quite some time on this...and it's finally completed!


Shokura Chart 2004
I just completed the chart for 2004 since I finally got the episodes I'm missing~

Shokura Chart 2005
This is was completed a long while ago...but just in case...the link. =P

Shokura Chart 2006
This was also completed recently~ SHOKURA CHRISTMAS SPECIAL'S ENDING WAS SO ADORABLE!!! =P

Whew...//wipes sweat// I'm done with Shokura Charts...until 2007 episodes start...and I'll just fill in that chart as episodes air...

Minna-san, Merry Christmas!!!~
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