February 11th, 2008


kisumai spotting in NewS' NIPPON dvd :D!

Saa, I don't know if something like this has been posted before? xD; But, I was watching the NewS NIPPON dvd with my sister the other night, and found Nikaido and Senga from 2003. 8D (They're so cute! ♥) ...but of course, since it's a NewS dvd, they're only in it for a few seconds. xD; Nikaido for half a second. :D;; And then, when I was looking again to make screencaps for a friend, I think I found Fujigaya. xD; If it's not Fujigaya, it's maybe one of the other Kisumai boys, because he's on skates... 8D; But well... see for yourself?

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  • naku_92


Hai minna~ I wonder if anyone have subbed when the whole Kisumai read their letters to Fujigaya in SC.
I really wants to know what they say about Fujigaya>< It was in the SC episode 060702
I hope someone have it, if not can you only do a softtranslate and take contact with me and I give you my mailadress<3