February 18th, 2008

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Hello fellow Kis-my-ft2 fans! I'm new in this community and this is my first post here! (´u` ) I hope I can get more friends here *lol*

I would like to know some CLUBBOX and GOGOBOX links for Kisumai stuffs, such as Shokura performances, Hadaka no Shounen, or some other TV shows that they appeared already...

I'm not a new Kisumai fan, but it's just now that I'm getting more into them (´__`; ) lol. My favorite members always were Hiromitsu, Kento and Taisuke!

Well, I hope someone can help me! (^-^v )
Thanks in advance, and see ya!

[EDIT] Ah! My name is Ayumi, i'm 15 and at the moment living in Brazil XDD Sorry, I totally forgot (=^=;;) [/EDIT]

Time (sequel to Broken Relationship)

Time (sequel to Broken Relationship)

Pairing : mainly Nikaido

Rating : PG

Disclaimer : I don’t own them. Maybe one day I will~ ^^

Summary : Nikaido knew everything

A/N : For everyone who demands the sequel from my previous fic, Broken Relationship, hope you like this one. Even though it's not good enough, i hope you all enjoy reading it ^^ and please forgive my grammar mistakes >_> *i really need beta-reader* *sighs*

p.s. I’m not sure about how Nikaido called Yokoo-kun, so if someone knew, please tell me and I’ll change it.

Time will heal everything


Broken Relationship

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Hi guys! :D Right now, I'm working on a huuu-uuge Kis-My-Ft2 pimp post. I haven't been into them a very long time, though, so if anyone here could help it would be awesome. :> I'm about 80% done with the post, except I have a pathetically few number of videos (and I'm missing a Try Again performance D:), I don't know the dates of a lot of them AND I don't know a lot about Miyata, Tamamori and Yokoo. Anything you could contribute would be welcome--scans, translations, downloads, profile information, etc. I've been working on it for two days now so my brains fried and I'm not really sure what else there is to add.

If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it! ♥
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(Fanfic- one shot) Potato Flakes Cha-han

Title: Potato Flakes Cha-han
Author: quinnsan 
Group(s): Kis-My-Ft2, mention of Massu from NEWS
Pairing: HiroSuke
Genre: Humor/Crack, maybe fluff.
Rating: PG
Flame?: None. ^^
Summary: Taisuke was watching a commercial and suddenly got a huge craving for potatoes and frosted flakes.
Beta’d By:
A.N.: I sadly do not own any of the boys… though we all know we’d love to own at least one of them. Oh my Tesshi, I swear this is all Kito’s fault! She was the one who gave me the really random inspiration for this fic, in fact the following is what she said that inspired me.

Kito says: omg I saw a commercial for Frosted Flakes, and now I have a craving for potatoes o_O

xDDD That is seriously all she said and I got a fic idea from that! Also, something funny that happened while I was writing..I typed in ‘Hiromitsu’ and word suggested the spelling ‘Hermits’ for it, because obviously Hiromitsu wasn’t in the dictionary. xDD

Dedication: This is for harunomasu  because I promised her that I’d write HiroSuke. ^^
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"Taisuke, what in the world are you doing down there on the floor?"