February 20th, 2008

lonely Misa is cool..

( FICS )~the one with miyata in it ~_^

Title : Please be my boyfriend for 1 day
Author : nana_hikachan
Rating : PG-13
Fandom : JE
Summary : miyata always get a mint candy everyday by this girl until one day he didn`t receive it..
A/N : I write this fics special dedicated to my friend..mokomira</div>go to my LJ...BY CLICKING THIS LINK


Sennen no Love Song (sequel to Never Believe in Fate)

Sennen no Love Song (sequel to Never Believe in Fate)

Pairing : mainly Yokoo

Fandom : Kis-My-Ft2

Disclaimer : I don’t own them. Please don’t sue me >.<

Summary : Yokoo is worried.

A/N : The last chapter *finally* of my fic, which is the last part of HiroSuke saga, Broken Relationship, Time, and Never Believe in Fate. I don’t know why it becomes multi-chapter fic, but well, whatever~ lol~ Enjoy ^^

Sennen no Love Song

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