February 21st, 2008

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[Fic] Until We Meet Again

Title: Until We Meet Again
Author: shatteredtenshi and kira_shadow
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Emo, Angst
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: Unbeta-ed...character death, emo...
Notes: Please have tissues prepared before reading.
Summary: The aftermath of a tragedy...

(Hiro, you're lying, right?)

Untitled (for now)

Untitled (for now)

Pairing : Nikaido x Hana (original character)

Rating: PG

Summary : Nikaido and is Hana's childhood friend, and somehow Hana found herself falling in love with Nikaido

A/N : Originally written by mira-chan (mokomira). Since I love this story (and I kinda use her idea for my story, about truth or dare), I help her to write the sequel. And mira-chan, please decide the title of the story by yourself okay~ because I’m no good when it comes to title >_> Enjoy writing!

Take place immediately after It Was You Final Chapter so you need to read the previous fanfic by mira-chan to understand the plot of this story.

Hana think about Nikaido too much

And i did a translation of Taisuke and Senga's solo so i think i should share it here. please feel free to correct me if i translated it wrongly because my japanese is still not good~

[MARIA - Taisuke] [EXIT - Senga]