February 24th, 2008


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The Density of Hamanaka Bunichi

Pairing : Hiro and Hamanaka?? No way in hell xD

Rating : PG

Disclaimer : I own Hamanaka, believe me, but in my dreams only~

Summary : Hiro loves to take care of his kouhai and someone is jealous about it

A/N : suddenly felt the urge to write about Hamanaka, but I can’t find a good jyanis boy to be paired with him so I choose Hiro instead, partially because I love Hiro so much it’s fun writing about him ^^

I want to leave Kisumai and join Butoukan!


What I Really Want

Pairing : Miyata x Tamamori, with Mira-chan as the fairy

Rating : PG

Disclaimer : At least the fairy is mine *sobs*

Summary : Miyata doesn’t know if it’s a reality or a dream

A/N : A crack fic from me (maybe lol~). I write this for 20minutes only so forgive me for all the crappiness >_> Write this for mira-chan (mokomira). Hope you enjoy dear! ^^

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