March 12th, 2008


[Fan/Fic] Best Friends


Konnichiwa mina-san!
I'm new here in this community as well as LJ
yoroshiku ne *bow deeply*

Here's my 2nd fan fic and my first one of Kisumai
As for me...i'm not really satisfied with the outcome
Demo...i'm still hopping that everyone will enjoy this fic

Author: honeyshikido

Title: Best Friends

Rating: pg-13 (soft yaoi) and het as well (confused myself…hmm…)

Johnny’s Casts: Kis-My-FtII’ members

Dedicated to: Mokomira. Hope that you’ll love this artwork of mine.

Summary:  Tamamori smiled and traced down light kisses onto Miyata’s neck and gave small bites once in a while resulting small whine escaping Miyata’s mouth…



Collapse )