March 20th, 2008

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Firefry. A restaurant with an ever changing menu, seemingly changing from a trattoria to a sushi bar to a BBQ restaurant over night. A place where competition is fierce, between waiters and chefs alike.

In a huge, bustling kitchen, everyone from head chef to dishwasher makes sure the guests have everything they could possibly want. In the restaurant, waiters aim to serve and please. Though not without its problems, Firefry is definitely a success.

Join us in the world of Restaurant Firefry, the new JE RPG. Claim up to two muses and start playing when we open tomorrow!

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[Translation] Kis-My-Ft2 Talking About Senga

To celebrate Senga’s birthday, I decided to translate this talk, “Kis-My-Ft2’s thought on Senga” where Senga produced the Shounen Club. The theme is about “Chance” but sadly I don’t know about the date, so if someone knew please tell me. I downloaded the clip from biconne-san livejournal so all the credits for the clips goes to her. All I did is translating the talk, for the purpose of having fun ^_____^

I don't want to walk together (with Senga) - by Nikaido