June 9th, 2008


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A Legend Now Weaved Into Life

In a time when the gods roamed the earth, there was once an Emperor who had been tasked to watch over an ivory box that contained a powerful artifact. The emperor ruled a vast and peaceful land together with his three sons.

This peaceful picture however was shattered as one day, the mystical box went missing from the very heart of the fortress. For reasons unknown, the third son refused to aid in the search, resulting in his eternal banishment from the kingdom, a decision fuelled by a carefully crafted deception by his elder brothers.

Centuries later, the land is now governed by two clans: the descendants of the first son, skilled in magic and enchantments; and the sons of the second, a community with ingenious inventions and modern conveniences.

There exists, however, a third one - a clan from the wronged brother's blood. Rumors of their existence ran about, but no proofs of such clan were ever discovered.

Now, as the two clans battle for dominance, each goes to search for, and perhaps, align themselves with, the brothers they once drove out.

With the kingdom's fate uncertain, which side will you choose?

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