July 25th, 2008

だいすけ ♥ 

[Fic] 涙の後

Title: 涙の後
Author: Shattered Tenshi/カジ
Rating: PG
Fandom: JE
Genre: Romance
Pairing: 北山宏光 x 藤ヶ谷太輔 ← 横尾渉
Warnings: None. Probably.
Note: Yes, this drabble is in Japanese. 日本語で書いた!!!


Note: I'm basically cross-posting this to tell people that I will be writing more Japanese drabbles in the future on my journal. I know there will not be too many readers though, however, which is why these Japanese drabbles will most likely not be cross-posted in the future. I may post a bunch after some time if I feel like it though.

Also, previously, during one of my mood swings, I wrote something that can be considered a long HiroSuke drabble that I did not name properly as a fic or cross-post to a comm. If people are interested in reading, please read it here.

New Fansubbing Community

Hope this is allowed -_-"

Hello, my name is Arisa and I am the Moderator and Maintainer for Fire Beat Fansubs. So this is a community for the outstanding Kis-my-ft2. This fansubbing community will sub anything that relates to Kis-my-ft2 in a way. Right now we are is need of a lot of staff.

We need:
- Translators
- Quality Checkers
- Uploaders
- Video Providers
- Typesetters
- Encoders
- Karaoke
-  Timers
- Scanlators