November 3rd, 2008

Taipi gif

The boys went to Seoul

Ok I don’t know who'll be interested, but I got pretty O_O & jdiowejedwew when I found out arashi's seoul concert set list because.

Kisumai went. Oh and they also sang a song. And I have no idea what song they sang.

But knowing that it’s a korean concert, I'm sure we'll be able to find fan audio/fancams somewhere…

If anyone knows.. You can tell me and end my torture here in the office….

By the way, ABC went to. I don’t know if its as A.B.C.-Z, coz the set list I got was from a non-jr fan, so she could't tell the difference…. (I assume Hashi went though, I mean, why wouldn’t he =) )

now. is this news/info, or rumours. =X