January 31st, 2009

[Multi-Chapter] Uncertainty of Love (7/?)

SO SORRY THAT I AM LATE~!!! It's because... uh... I didn't go to sleep last night so when I got back from school, I was tired!! I went to sleep at like 5 PM and woke up at 3 AM~! Then I did some fangirling searching over my friends page for updates... and then I wrote this! ^^ I am very sorry... lame excuse! Now my chain of Friday updating is broken! *whines* So now I am here at 5:30 AM sitting with 2 cookies and some Hot Cheetos listening to Mirotic! XD OHHH!!!!!!!! I also have a surprise that is going to be finished in a little bit... it's for the Kis-My-Ft2 fandom! Okay... what is with me and these rants? Anyway, read on to another chapter of UoL! >_< y

Chapter: 07
Author: maremare1331
Pairing(s): Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke, Nikaido Takashi x Senga Kento
Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2
Rating: PG/PG-13
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst (?)
Warnings: Later chapters will have more kissing… etc. XD
Summary: Hiromitsu is home alone and is bored out of his mind because his parents are on their second honeymoon. They’ll be gone for 3 weeks. He eventually gets too bored that he calls over Taisuke to keep him company. The problem? Hiromitsu has loved Taisuke ever since they were little. What will happen? Does Tai-chan feel the same? (Oh the suspense~! XD)

Previous Chapters: Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05 | Chapter 06

(Chapter 07)

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Fics: Panties story ( Hirosuke one-shot )

Title : panties story ( bad title..I have no other idea)
Author : Nana
Pairing : Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke ( HIROSUKE )
Rating : PG-13
Warning : un-beta-ed...and so many typo and grammar error...sorry
A/N : Well..this is some kind related with NOT SO ORDINARY ( RyoDa ) fics that I made previously ^_^;;...and sorry for all the lames-ness..God !! I need more talent onegai T_T

 Fujigaya what ????? !!!

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太ちゃん &amp; ごっちー ♥ 何?~

Wink Up March 2009 Cover + Myojo Jr Ranking

Like previous years, for March issue of Wink Up, Juniors will be dominating the cover once again. This year...19 (7 + 5 + 7) Jrs will be featured on the cover! ...just how will they fit everyone?

Supposedly, this is how it works. The length of the cover is extended and will be folded into the magazine. There will be three groups in this triple-length cover. KisuMai, A.B.C.-Z, and Nakayama Yuuma w/ Hey! Say! 7 West. Yes, all three groups, so no wonder they need a fold-in cover. They'll never fit that many boys on the cover. Anyways, the apparent order will be KisuMai -> A.B.C-Z -> HS7W.

...meaning the true cover will be KisuMai!?

The units on the cover were announced on Johnny's Net, however the way the cover will be was posted on various blogs (and that's how I found out), so there might be changes, whatnot. Do not blame me if the cover turns out differently. Just, for sure, these 19 boys will be on Wink Up's cover.

As well, I'm thinking most of us are familiar with Myojo's Jr Ranking that happens every year? Readers basically vote for the Junior they think will fit into each category, such as most wanted lover, seem to be smart, most perverted, etc. The results were part of Myojo March 2009.

I have all of Taisuke's results here and Hiro's + Wataru's results here. Note that these results were found through the Internet, not through an acutal copy of the magazine, so please do not ask me for the full ranking. I don't have it.