June 15th, 2009

太ちゃん & トッツー ♥ 演舞城’08

Kis-My-Ft2 - Potato May 2006 and November 2007

Translation. KisuMai split into pairs! One member from ani-gumi and one from otouto-gumi. Each pair gets a keyword which they talk about. Tama who's spoiled in Hiro's opinion. Taisuke who has fun tsukkomi'ing Senga. Miyacchi who thinks Iida isn't natural, maybe? Then, we're left with the two who are willlld and understand each other's feelings apparently.

( Tamamori: Mou~ In the end, you would tease and play me like this, right? )

Another translation. Thoughts about Dream Boys and their roles. Senga (and Gotou) who's responsible for Taisuke's missing costumes and shoes. Nika who's a scaredy cat, needing Miyacchi to wait for him. Just how much do the boys like homemade/handmade stuff? If Miyacchi lies saying the food someone cooked for him tastes bad, Taisuke will expose that lie.

( Nikaido: Speaking of that, Taisuke's shoes weren't there and everyone searched for them. When we thought they were lost and gone, Gotou-kun was wearing them (laughs). )

Included in above post is random tidbits from June 14's KAT-TUN's Tokyo Dome con, Taisuke-centric.