October 31st, 2009

黒智 ♥ ここにいる僕

Kis-My-Ft - Wink Up August 2004

Translation. The four talks about who fits the image of summer, and Hiro cracks a cold joke, and they start talking about whose gags/jokes are good, and A.B.C. of course gets a mention. Also talked briefly about the beach. Iida being sly at karaoke. If you fill a gap that doesn't exist in the first place, a mountain will form.

( As I thought, when talking about summer, it's Iida's tanktop look that's a custom, right? (laughs) )
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Yokoo and Hiro

I made another Kisumai wall after a long time. I already have 21 Kisumai walls. Whoa, so proud of my myself ^^ I'm kind of happy that Kisumai have the same number of walls like Kat-Tun in my archive. Hope they'll have more soon.
Ok, this time I made a wallpapers with Yokoo and Hiro. Those scans were cute so I couldn't resist. Hope you'll like it.

Click on the picture for original size.

two fanfics

Title: Carry on
Chapter: oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: crack/humor
Pairing: (Kis-my-ft2 family) KitayamaxFujigaya, SengaxNikaido, TamamorixMiyata, TamamorixYokoo
Warning: weird + unbeta-ed

Carry On

Title: lost and desperate
Chapter: oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut/angst
Pairing: KitayamaxFujigaya
Warning: smut + unbeta-ed

Lost and desperate