March 3rd, 2010


[poll] What is your favorite Johnny's group?


I thought I should share this here. CDJapan has made a poll "What is your favorite Johnny's group?". They listed 10 debuted groups at first but since I love Kisumai more than any debuted group,  I voted for 'others' and entered Kis-My-Ft2 as my choice. When I checked the poll again later, it seems that they had added Kis-My-Ft2 among the choices! Yay~ They haven't got even 1%, though but they have surpassed old groups like SMAP and TOKIO.

So, for those who haven't voted for anyone yet and would like to do so, please proceed to here and do so. ^^

I think this is something good for our boys because it is an official poll meant for debuted groups but they can make it into the list. Hopefully whoever running the company now can take a look how well has our boys been doing and decide to make them debut soon! ^^