April 2nd, 2010


[MOD] It's morphin' time...

Okay well the title only has only marginal significance to this announcement but nevertheless, PLEASE read this.

As you all know, the second concert tour has started and of course about 99.9% of the people on this community cannot be there to see it live. We all appreciate people posting reports or TRANSLATIONS of Japanese fanreports.

This brings me to a few important things to say:

1. Please give a link to the ORIGINAL SOURCE.
- I will NOT accept credits saying: "some japanese blog". Please give the LINK.

2. Please fix posts where a mod commented on within 24 hours. Otherwise it will be deleted to avoid confusion (= wrong information).

3. Please also read what other members of the community have to say about your reports/translations. If there is legitimate feedback, you should consider editing your post (e.g. corrections of translations or accounts from people who were actually at the concert).

Sometimes the fanreports can be vague or even wrong or wrongly translated and then wrong or confusing information gets released into the fandom. I'd like to avoid that so please mind the rules. It'll give me less work and you guys the best possible info on what the boys are up to.

Thank you.

Your friendly neighborhood mod (I am friendly but my job is to keep this thing up and running so that involves being a bit strict at times).