April 5th, 2010

Love in any form (Strange Romances)

Fanfiction - 未来の向こうへ (Mirai no Mukou e)

Title: 未来の向こうへ (Mirai no Mukou e)
Author: Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Pairing: Guess :D It is Kis-my-ft2, for a hint.
Rating: G
Summary: JE!Avater Universe. Deep within the forest of Pandora there is a clan that lives wrapped up in mystery. The sky people are allowed to live among them for a short while. (Set several years after the movie)
Disclaimer: This work is purely fiction.
Warnings: None?
A/N: Beta'd by shimizumiki <3
Avatar is a interesting universe to try and explore~ ^^ This is a sneak peek/prologue to an upcoming fic...well, I hope it's upcoming. >>;; We'll see.

They were a whisper in the wind. A myth. A smoky shadow to be chased and never caught.
bored (junhyung), thinking (junhyung)

Nov. 09 Potato - Kis-My-Ft2


If you were to make a catalog for yourself what sort of information would you put in the user's manual? We had them explain their basic personalities, traits and important points in how they should be handled. We also checked the size their bodies from head to toe♥ This is a magazine to save forever!

( Which Kisumai member would you order? ;D )