May 8th, 2010

bored (junhyung), thinking (junhyung)

June 10 Duet - Kis-My-Ft2 Translation

Report of their 2nd Nation-wide Tour & a SHU-WA SHU-WA ☆ Hilarious Cross Talk!
An Early Afternoon in Smile Park.

Their 2nd nation-wide tour was a big success with the theme of an amusement park, divided into seven separate theme parks. This month they were all smiles on their outing to a park. Here's a fun cross talk of things that happened with their tour♪

( Dokaan..! )
Puppy - Mine!

[Translation] Kisumai x ABC episode book ("if your nose is big your XXX is big too!?")

I translated another episode book chapter. Not the HiroSuke one yet (will be doing that hopefully next week X3) but one from an older book, "Marugoto! Kis-My-Ft2 x A.B.C." from 2007. This one centers around Miyata, Nikaido and Senga and also has some Kitayama.

When your nose is big your 〇〇〇〇 is big too?

PS. I translated some Hey!Say!7 (original, before JUMP) and J.J.Express chapters the other day, and Kitayama appeared in those too. Takaki was worried about being the oldest member so he went to Kitayama for helpful advice for how to be the oldest one and bring the group together. So if someone wants to check out that one please read it here ^_^