July 4th, 2010


Kisumai x dwango.jp official link!

First-time poster yay! Anyways, I don't know if anyone else knew about this {I certainly didn't until I went looking today}, but dwango.jp has a PC site. Unfortunately, the song downloads are still for Japanese cellphones only...though it's still good for the daily flail quota to see "Kis-My-Ft2" up there. :D Still...there seems to be this little "countdown" thingy on it, but my Japanese isn't good enough to translate what it's counting down to. >.> Maybe someone else could help...? Anyways, if anyone wants to take a look and flail, here's the link: 


{I read the rules and all, but if there's something wrong with this post {or the tags - looked in the rules and the comm info and couldn't find a list as to what falls under what} I'll gladly go back and edit or delete it altogether if that would be better. ^.^}

[MOD] Reminder to all members

Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood mod again.

This is a reminder post for some of the "labelling" issues we've had in the community which have caused some confusion and made wrong information spread about.

We have translations of fan-blogs here on the community as well as other fan imagination works, such as the "Episode Books". These do NOT count as reliable sources. Fans might overreact they might just write rumors or they might make up something completely un-real. So please do not take whatever is written in those for 100% true. Especially the "Episode Books" are understood by many people as truely written by "Kisumai's Staff" but that's FALSE. Those books are basically fan-story anthologies, doujinshi that are published by a proper publishing house and not by the fans themselves. Although there might be some truth behind some of those stories, we do not KNOW which part if any at all is.

I ask you in the name of the mod-team, to CLEARLY LABEL anything you post concerning news/rumors as such and give the SOURCE. This is to avoid confusion as well as fandom drama, as wrong information spreads. I've seen it happen in other fandoms and it wasn't pretty.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.