July 31st, 2010


photobook pre-orders

I was just checking CDJapan and noticed that they already have Kisumai's photobook for pre-order, as do YesAsia and Amazon. Thought I could share the info here~

Kis-My-Ft2 First Shashinshu (Photo Book) (Title subject to change)




had forgotten this, thanks risakochan for pointing out.

YesAsia says the release date would be October 10th, but not sure about that. Others just say 2010/10. //HMV says October 5th. Let's see who's right in the end.

Kis-My-Ft2 to appear on Takki's new project on August 6th

Takki plays producer again and Kisumai will be the first group to appear on TakiCHANnel, a website in which will be broadcasted episodes of random things junior focused. Every Friday at 12, Japan time, will be put online a new episode, starting on the 6th of August.

In the promotional video, we can see blonde Takki promoting his new project and presenting Kisumai as being the first guests of the 'show'. Takki forgets to say '2' and Nika-chan nicely reminds him to add the '2'. Senga also 'created' the kind of.. dance... for the TakiCHANnel. Really cute and totally Senga-cute-style~

We probably can expect to see other junior groups such as A.B.C-Z, Question?, FiVe, B.I Shadow, etc. in the weeks to follow.

Here is the link to the website. ~ www.takichan-j.jp/ ~ Enjoy!~

credits: brilliant_blue @ kanjani8_fr