September 17th, 2010

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[fic] my little fetish, are you?

title: my little fetish, are you?
author: tytta aka me
genre: smut
rating: nc-17
pairing/fandom: hirosuke
summary: On his birthday, Taisuke decided how his boyfriend needed to drees up...
comment: for hiro's birthday <3 ... and this was originally written for Taisuke's birthday, that's why it's confused to Taisuke's birthday, I hope that it's okay :3

to the fic~
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[fic] off the hook

title: off the hook
characters: kitayama, fujigaya
rating: PG-ish
summary: fujigaya said in october popolo that he’s been surfing more this year. i didn’t even know that he surfs in the first place! anyway, my immediate thought was 'okay, kitayama surfs too, so...' so. here we are. :D a birthday fic of sort. it's rather random and short and ugh, but i just wanted to get it posted.

( "So you surf too?" )

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Title: The epic JE police force AU part two; the naming process
Pairing: Juniors/Juniors, Tackey/Tsubasa, everyone/everyone
Rating: Pg
Summary: Tackey discovers an Anagram application on his Iphone. Chaos ensues.
A/n: I’m sorry what was that? Just the sound of my sanity flying out the window in a fighter plane. Inspired anagram app on my mother’s Iphone


And thus, Tackey’s discovery kick starts the creation of several creatively named junior specialist units, starting right from the top. )