June 24th, 2011

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Messages and Thanks From the Members

snowqueenofhoth is at work, so she forwarded this to me to pass on. It's a message from the members that she got in a mail just now, she said it was a general jweb mailing (but she was in a rush to get out of work, so I'm not 100% on that).

translated quickly by me. If she wants to fix up anything when she's home from work, I'll edit.

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横藤 ♥ 空中

Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo September 2010

Happy Birthday, Taisuke!

Have something that doesn't actually deal with birthdays or celebration though.

Translation! KisuMai separating into two pairs and one group of three and talking about fashion in terms of being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and going out shopping.

( To dress completely fashionable even though it's outdoors, whoever does that will be considered as someone who can't read the atmosphere. )
太ちゃん ♥ 肌を見せる

[手放す] Days When We Were Still Happy

Title: Days When We Were Still Happy
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: JE
Genre: AU, Angst (not necessarily this installment)
Pairing: Takizawa Hideaki (Tono) x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: BL. Bittersweet maybe.
Notes: Tono is a feudal lord, for those who doesn't know. Final installment in Taisuke's POV, going back to the beginning, before things changed.

手放す: to part with; to release; to relinquish; to send away
A person must learn to let go of certain things if he wishes to move forward.

Before the darkness, there had been light.
(For more of the universe, click here.)

( Even before he had set eyes on Tono, Taisuke already knew that he was to serve the other for the rest of his life. )