August 10th, 2011

渉 ♥ 空に舞う

Kis-My-Ft2 - Duet May 2011

Translation. Duet's special spread for KisuMai, after their debut was announced. Members talk about their memories with KisuMai, good things about being the group, what their thoughts were the moment debut was announced and give messages to other members as well. Included is Duet's playback of some of KisuMai's spreads from previous issues, with small comments. (I also included links to the spreads/articles that have been translated already for convenience.)

( We're moving forward, but it's completely dark and I couldn't see anything. )
MYV, Swag

Everybody go basic cropped icons

   Hi everybody(: 
I quickly made a few icons from the pictures in the EVERYBODY GO single(: They are just cropped pictures with no special effects, so please feel free to take some as well as feel free to use them as a base and make them even more pretty. 
The icons can be found over ~here~ at my journal.
Misc. [x2]
Kitayama [x2]
Senga [x3]
Miyata [x2]
Yokoo [x1]
Fujigaya [x4]
Fujigaya&Senga [x1]
Tamamori [x3]
Nikaido [x2]

Kiss the Square! @ tumblr

I'm just letting you guys know that I recently started a Kis-my-Ft2 blog on tumblr. I post only 500x500px pictures with slight edits. It's mainly for my own fun, but also to promote our lovely lads. I will do my best to make the blog interesting and active, but I as everyone need support.

So if you are on tumblr, please follow Kiss the Square!, share it with your friends who are not on LJ, reblog and like all you want. I hope I can bring joy to someone and maybe even help someone find a new love in Kisumai :3