August 15th, 2011

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[Translation] Kis-My-Ft2 - Everybody Go! Single

Hello everybody! As promised in the earlier mod post, I am out of translation retirement and here with translations of the Everybody Go! single. Included are the original Japanese and also romaji lyrics, so if you scroll past the romaji (hint: it's always colored!) you get to the English. They're all in the same post, but I'm linking to each of the different cuts in the post~.


[MOD] Translations

Hello. Some of you might have noticed that the translations for the lyrics of the single have disappeared. Do not worry, they will be back soon. They are currently being re-translated/edited (by shimizumiki), due to some mistakes in the grammar and wording, which were pointed out to the team of moderators by some of our community members.

We would like to remind translators to have their translations checked/beta-ed before posting them preferably. IF you do not have a competent beta, you can contact the mods and ask for help. We either know someone else to help you or might do it ourselves. This is to ensure that the fans here on this community get information that is as accurate as possible.

Thank you all for contributing to this community and thus keep it going~!

3rd best debut sales in history~!

Kisumai placed first in the ORICON weekly single ranking chart with 316,000 units sold. This is the third highest first week sales of a debut song, the other two being KAT-TUN [Real Face] (754,000) and ARASHI [A RA SHI] (557,000).

They accomplished this feat while the CD sales are in recession. Member Kitayama Hiromitsu released a comment thanking the fans and that the 7 of them will continue on without forgetting their gratitude."

Original trans: cuizy
Original post: HERE
Original arama post: HERE

\(^_^)/ It also helps that many fans bought all versions of the single!